There are many factors that contribute to great cannabis–some you can buy, and some you just have to know. If you are the kind of person who wants to grow their own cannabis at home, you will need the right tools to get started. For homegrown cannabis, there is one part of a grow room that is considered more important than the others–your grow light. Let’s take a look at what these awesome lights offer and which one you should buy!

What is a Grow Light?

A grow light is a type of electric light that is designed to assist with growing plants indoors. In the modern world, this title is consistently used in cannabis spaces–but it can still apply to your indoor herb garden too!

Cannabis requires very specific conditions to grow, and grow lights help with the process by providing the light they need to thrive. The quality of light these plants receive can play a big role in how they grow. Depending on the light you choose, you can provide different experiences for your cannabis plants and accommodate different needs. You might use different lights as a craft grower or home grower depending on your preferences.

How Can Grow Lights Be Used?

Grow lights can be used in any part of the growing process as long as it meets the needs of the plant you are working with. Most commonly, standard cannabis grow lights are designed to offer light and support for those who are growing cannabis at home. Of course, grow lights are also used by top growers all around the world.

Must-Have MasonBrite Glow Lights

At MasonBrite, we provide top-tier cannabis accessories to support home growing and more. We understand that you want to be able to grow premium cannabis on your property and enjoy good cannabis without a trip to the dispensary, which is why we offer essential tools to grow, harvest, and manage your cannabis stash.

Let’s take a look at our top two grow lights.

Magnified Light Jar Display Stash for Mason Jars

This MasonBrite original LED jar was made to fit on top of a standard mason jar, allowing anyone to look at the cannabis inside the container. While this fixture can be used to inspect cannabis or allow you to look at your cannabis in more detail thanks to the magnifying feature, it can also be used to support the seeding process during those initial stages. This multi-functional tool can support your independent growing needs through various stages of the cannabis lifecycle!

MasonBrite StealthGrow 240W Full Spectrum IP65 Waterproof Samsung Board LED Grow Light

For those who are looking for a little more power and support, our StealthGrow LED Grow Light is ready to shine and help you reach your growing goals. Able to support a 4×2 grow tent, this high-quality light option can support your cannabis growing process all year long. Designed for perfect performance and offering a dimmer feature, the StealthGrow has everything you need to support a great personal cannabis supply.

Start Growing Your Stash Today!

Light is food for plants, and every indoor cannabis plant requires a grow light to grow big and strong. Whether you are growing for yourself or your household, the light you choose can determine the quality of your cannabis harvest. To learn more about how to grow great cannabis at home, explore our collections at MasonBrite today!