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Rebuilding the Rust Belt & Beyond

With a focus on American-made, eco-friendly, small-batch merchandise, you can feel good about visiting for answers and inspiration. Plus, we offer exclusive insights into products you can’t find anywhere else, including reviews on Amazon or Walmart. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can always shop small, smart, and sustainably when you visit

While many startups locate themselves on the coasts, we’ve developed our publication in the heart of downtown Erie, PA. Rooted in the Rustbelt, we understand the value of hard work, having a trade, and providing real solutions to real problems.

Likewise, our content creators don’t just create for a profit; they work with purpose. From handmade crafts to home-baked goods, every product on provides a solution, be it satisfying a sweet tooth or simplifying home organization.

Furthermore, those who visit our site are conscientious consumers. They’re shopping with purpose: to find products that reduce waste, help them be healthier, and make them genuinely happier.

Our Team

Karen Rzepecki
Editor in Chief

Founder of Mason Jars Company (makers of reCAP®) and MakerPlace Inc. Leader of two fast-growing start-ups, guiding the vision of each company, outline strategies for success, and help to foster a creative, purpose-driven culture where each individual on the team can flourish.

Kelsey Jackson
Content Creator

Social media sage and content creator extraordinaire, Kelsey Jackson has been with since 2019. She knows how to gracefully walk the line between educational and entertaining with all of her blog posts, eBook, videos, and podcasts.

Matthew Flowers
Managing Editor

Master of the digital red pen, Matt’s our in-house editor and publisher. With a background in digital marketing, he’s also the one who pulls the levels to make sure all this Mason jar-related content is easily accessible when people need it most.

A Need for Reliable Reviews

In 2023, pivoted from a maker-focused marketplace to a home & garden publication. The cornerstone of our content is the Mason jar. Through this transition, Founder, Karen Rzepecki, realized that few publications provided the breadth and quality that many DIYers are looking for. With a passion for solving problems, Karen began building the #1 source for all things Mason jars.

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We believe that, whether it’s how we shop, eat, and clean, the smallest changes can make a world of difference.

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We need each other to live better–be it by taking the time to connect with our communities or supporting small businesses.

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Small sellers accomplish momentous things, individuals can inspire millions, and one product can change a person’s life.