Perhaps you picked up some Mason jars at a garage sale with the intent of using them for a craft you saw on Pinterest. Or maybe you bought some canned goods and started accumulating your own collection.

Whatever the case, if you love Mason jars, take a look at these 11 accessories that’ll transform these classic vessels into home organization solutions, on-the-go containers, and reusable cleaning tools (just to name a few). Plus, we also have a variety of Mason jar-inspired products that’ll give your kitchen a vintage theme.

A Brief History of Mason Jars

Having been around since 1858, Mason jars have stood the test of time. When it comes to containers, there are few products more iconic than the Mason jar. But, while this iconic vessel is known by many, few people know about the man behind this ageless invention.

At just 26 years old, John Landis Mason created the Mason jar as a better way to preserve food. Back then, people were becoming ill and, at times dying from a variety of food-borne illnesses.

Since then, food safety has come a long way, freeing up the Mason jar to do more than just preserve food. With that history in mind, let’s look at how you can make the most out of your Mason jars.

1. reCAP® Mason Jar POUR Lid

The reCAP POUR and a classic Mason jar go together like wine and cheese. With the two together, you can create the perfect salad dressing container, a reusable water bottle, and a dry-goods pantry storage solution. POUR lids come in a variety of colors, so you can coordinate with the rest of your kitchen.

2. reCAP® Mason Jar FLIP Top Lid

With reCAP’s FLIP Top lid, you can upcycle your old Mason jars in dozens of different ways. Simply add this cap, and you can create instant storage for:

You can also turn your FLIP Top and jar into a shaker by combining them with the shaker attachments.

3. reCAP® Waterless Fermentation Airlocks

Whether you’re just starting or you’re a seasoned homesteader, these air-tight waterless fermentation airlocks are a friend to anyone who wants to ferment at home. Pair these with your POUR lids for a streamlined fermentation system. These tried-and-tested airlocks allow you to work with fewer pieces and deliver better results than traditional Mason jar fermenting tools.

4. reCAP® Mason Jar Lid Sprayer Cap

reCAP’s Spray Cap is one of our favorite Mason jar accessories. It makes it easy to make DIY chemical-free cleaning solutions and creates an eco-friendly, reusable spray bottle. The sprayer is also great for watering plants that need to be misted instead of doused.

5. Mason Straw Lid

These Cuppow Mason Jar Drinking Lids turn your Mason jar into the perfect glass travel mug. It’s an excellent option for everything from water to iced coffee.

6. reCAP® Pour Spout Lid

The reCAP® Pour Spout Lid is a foodie’s best friend. Use it for pouring alcohol, DIY syrups, or homemade infused oils. The best part is, you can fill up Mason jars without using a funnel. The lid is easy to remove compared to your store-bought bottle of olive oil. Simplify your life with a reCAP® Pour Spout Lid.

7. reCAP® Soap Dispenser Lid | Pump Cap

The pump dispenser takes a typical Mason jar and turns it into a rustic soap dispenser. But, the possibilities don’t end there. You can also use this pump cap for:

8. Bug Catcher

Give your little ones a reason to explore the great outdoors with this plastic Mason jar bug catcher. reCAP’s bug catcher includes a glow-in-the-dark, flip-open magnifying cap with breathing holes, a 32 oz. plastic Mason jar, and a convenient carrying handle.

Buy the book and bug catcher set to also get “Goin’ Explorin’,” an adorable children’s story about two wide-eyed young explorers who meet and then embark upon an adventure of discovery. Along the journey, the two friends light up the night by catching fireflies in a Mason jar.

9. reCAP® Mini Mason Jar Shaker Lids

Transform your mini Mason jars into a multi-purpose shaker! These tops are ideal for shaking and scooping out salt and pepper; herbs and spices; sprinkles, glitter, and more! Each pack has four lids.

10. Beeswax Honey Lotion

Fix that dry winter skin with this beeswax lotion! It comes in a four or eight-ounce Mason jars. Once you try Rich Valley Apiary’s lotions, it’s hard to go back to big-box brands. The secret to healthy, nourished skin is truly beeswax and honey, along with a touch of coconut oil, mango butter, and vitamin E oil.

11. Regular & Wide Mouth Reusable Canning Lids

The team at Harvest Guard sees canning differently. They see it as a lifestyle built on self-reliance and preparedness. It’s about cracking open a jar on a cold winter day and still being able to take in the warm flavors of your summer garden.

Further, the crew at Harvest Guard aims to create products that help people reduce waste with reliable, reusable canning products. Try these Harvest Guards yourself this harvest season!