Where to Buy Masonbrite

About the Company

We founded with a single flagship product in mind, initially as an experiment to provide growers, dispensary owners, and Cannabis connoisseurs a better value display jar for their flower. Since mason jars have been the OG for stash jars since 1858, we connected the dots.

Our flagship product MasonBrite fits on 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, and even 128 oz wide-mouth mason jars which can be purchased at Target, Walmart, and other fine retailers. We also have a line of some pretty cool mind-blowing stuff on the way, so keep checking in on us from time to time.

Our parent company, Emperor FBA, has been manufacturing products for businesses worldwide since 2010. In addition to product sourcing, they provide product design, rapid prototyping, and logistical support for Amazon resellers and other online e-commerce businesses.

They’ve worked with brands like LA Kush, KookiJar, Ignite Cannabis, Ballpark Franks, Hershey and many others.

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