“It’s easy when you have the right tools.” That’s what my husband Steve says whenever he completes a job. He’s the kind of person that will happily work on something when all the parts, components, and tools are there.

Handwashing dishes hardly seems to qualify as needing tools. But we’ve put together a winning combination that keeps Steve happy so we never have a stack of dishes in the sink. Unless I put it there.

Here is Steve’s list of best products for handwashing dishes:

  1. reCAP Mason Jars Pump – By far this is Steve’s favorite reCAP product. You know how the traditional dish soap requires you to pick up the bottle and turn it upside down? No more, just pump with your finger while keeping your hands free to wash. The reCAP lid is leak-proof and won’t rust.
  2. Mason Jar – It’s best to reuse what you have, but if you need a new one, the best size to get is the regular mouth pint. It is so easy to refill which allows you to buy bulk to save money. Try the Anchor Hocking which is plain with no embossing and goes with every decor. Or if the you like the iconic embossed style, then Ball regular mouth pint is perfect!
  3. Scott Shop Towels – They come in a box or rolls – the rolls are easier to store under the sink. They are ultra strong and durable. Now, a lot of zero waste folks will recommend dish cloths that can be washed and reused. But we like these best because they are sanitary. Use a new one each day and when you’re done with dishes clean up the countertops and finally the floor. No more stinky sponges or cloths.
  4. Dawn Dish soap – Dawn is best for greasy pans and oddly is a great choice for many other cleaning chores like removing grease stains from clothes. It’s the powerhouse of dish soaps. That said, another favorite is Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dish Soap. The smell is wonderful, they’re made with natural ingredients, and the transparent color goes with all decor.

When you have the right tools, who knows, maybe someone in your house will love doing dishes so you don’t have to!