Mason Jars Podcast

Karen Rzepecki, a serial entrepreneur (Mason Jars Company, MakerPlace Inc.), interviews entrepreneurs, educators, and experts – from new startups to decades of experience – each overcoming challenges while taking time to help others.

This first series dives into changes since the pandemic. We talk about the increased interest in gardening and canning, shortages of supplies (especially canning lids!), and bonus content for anyone who enjoys food preservation.

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E9: Penn State Extension Mason Jars Podcast

Andy Hirneisen (Penn State Extension) join the podcast to discuss what the extension is and how they can provide help to anyone wanting to learn about science-based information about Agronomy, Animal Systems, Food Safety, Home Gardening, and more. We talk about food preservation and canning, the water bath method vs pressure canning, and the new learnings in the past years when it comes to the rules of canning. We talk about the dangers to watch out for and why there was such a spike in people canning during the pandemic and all about the Mason jar shortage. Follow us: Follow Penn State Extension, Erie County: Visit us: Visit Penn State Extension Resources from the Episode: Botulism Survivor Video National Center for Home Food Preservation: Peas National Center for Home Food Preservation: Salsa Fermentation of Sauerkraut and Pickles University of Georgia Extension: So Easy to Preserve Guest: Andy Hirneisen, Penn State Extension Host: Karen Rzepecki
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