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If you have a question about a particular item or purchase, specific shipping, or seller/wholesale policies, please contact that Seller directly. Each seller ships their own items and have their own policies for refunds and returns. Just click the "contact seller" for the item you are inquiring about (you must be logged in). Otherwise, you can fill out the form below to send a message to our Help Desk below.

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We want to help you! But there are some things we can't solve... world hunger and products you bought from other sites or stores.
Please Note: We are receiving a large volume of requests for problems with purchases of Mason jars and canning lids that were NOT purchased from There are many brands of Mason jars and many sites and stores that sell Mason jars. To save you time, please contact the store or site from which you purchased your products. We cannot help with any purchases that were not made on this site, Still have a question? Call us at 814.739.2296

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