Wet-It Chicken Sponge Cloth Set of 3

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Wet-It Chicken Sponge Cloth Set of 3
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Our Wet-it cloths are Swedish-made high quality products. Unlike our competition, Wet-it cloths easily last for six months. Although common in Sweden, these cloths are new to the American market and are quickly becoming a “must-have” here. Do not miss out! There is incredible repeat business with our Wet-it cloths.

eco-friendly composition

Made of 70% cellulose and 30% cotton, our cloths are soft to the touch, yet strong and durable with lasting quality. Our environmentally-responsive cloths are 100% biodegradable because of their all-natural fibers and Wet-it’s watercolor based prints.


Along with the cloths’s extraordinary composition, the colorful print contributes to the overall quality of the cloth. A watercolor base dye is infused into the cloth, ensuring a design with long-lasting results. With normal use, these cloths easily last six months.


This light-weight cloth absorbs 15 times its own weight! There is no need to use paper towels to wipe up spills when using a Wet-it cloth.


Bleaching agents are safe to use on our cloths without removing the print color. Simply clean and disinfect in the washing machine, on the top rack of the dishwasher, or in the microwave. Using softeners when washing, will break down the fibers.


There are endless uses. They are great for general household cleaning from kitchen cleanup to bathroom scrubbing. Wet-it cloths clean windows without leaving streaks or lint and polish silver without being abrasive. They are even gentle enough on the baby. Create your own favorite use!

about us…

Our business adventure began in 2009 when I surprisingly realized that the super absorbent sponge cloths I used during my years growing up in Sweden were not a common commodity in US homes. After earning my business degree, I along with my husband and other family members, saw the opportunity to penetrate the US market with these unique, high-quality cloths. In just a few short years we have been met with an overwhelming response from retailers, as well as consumers - they all love our product!


In building our business from the ground up we have put large emphasis on quality. We believe in superior customer service because without our customers there would be no business. Dependable and timely delivery of your order is a must for our team. Our product is quality - lasting quality. Our in-house designer prints are water-based and the cloth is 100% decomposable. We know our cloths will be a perfect compliment to your retail product selection. The Wet-it team and i are delighted to have the opportunity to serve you. 


~ Mathilda Davies CEO

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Package Set
Prop 65 Warning Required? No
Country of Manufacture Sweden
Secondary Country of Manufacture Sweden
Country Assembled In Sweden
Brand Wet It
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