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NY, United States
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Our Story

"Not your average jam."

Trade Street Jam Co. is a minority & woman-owned small batch jam company founded by Ashley Rouse. Ashley, who's been a chef for almost 15 years, created the name for the company in 2008 while living in an apartment on Trade Street in North Carolina. Now, some 10 years later, Ashley and her Brooklyn-based company create fruit forward and clean tasting vegan jams that are low in sugar and high in flavor. Her jams are best used in craft cocktails, BBQ sauces, glazes for meats or vegetables, baked goods, yogurt, overnight oats, salad dressings and more! She uses locally sourced produce, teaches jam classes to kids at low income schools and is planning an initiative to use residual jams to feed the less fortunate, in an effort to support her community wherever possible.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

About our Jam

Are your jams vegan?

Yes! We don’t use any animal products in the production of our jams. The ingredients are conveniently listed on each jar, but if you have any questions, just ask!

What does small batch mean?

All of the jams are made in low quantity batches, ranging from 300-500 jars. This ensures quality and allows for stronger flavor profiles.

What is the shelf life of your jam?

Unopened jars stored in a cool, dark place will last up to one year, according to USDA guidelines. Once opened, we recommend consuming within two to four weeks.

I have food allergies. Can I consume your products?

All of our jams are made without gluten, nuts, eggs, fish or soy.
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