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Choose from our selection of soaps:

- Black Pepper Cardamom Soap: This slate gray unisex bar is stunning! The combination of black pepper and cardamom is spicy and sweet, we can't get enough! Colored by activated charcoal which is said to tighten pores, smooth skin and reduce inflammation. 4.5 ounce and pretty great.

- Black Tea Soap:  The inspiration for this soap actually comes from a memory filled with hot summer nights and sunburned shoulders. I would buy a black tea soap from a girl at a local outdoor market, I still have her bars stashed in old boxes, drawers, anywhere I can get a whiff of that particular summer. She disappeared, so I had to make my version...It smells of bergamot, cedar, and a tiny smidge of apple to come in at the end.. It is strong, unisex and a total babe catcher. 4.5 ounces

- Dirt Soap: Get your hands dirty! Colored with cinnamon and made with a touch of luffa, it is just silly enough to try. It has truly captured the scent of fresh turned soil, and will bring you right to that moment that you put your seedlings in the spring earth. 4.5 ounces

- Harvest Soap: This year we tried to capture our version of Fall with a bit of woody and warm clove. Colored with French yellow clay, a nod to the color of dried feed corn that stands tall in the fields that surround our home. Flint corn kernels of blues, reds, and yellows crown the top of these beautiful nods to the season. 4.5 ounces and warm.

- Honey Pipe Tobacco Soap: You pick this bar up, curious. Close your eyes, breathe deep. First, the light tobacco, invoking my memory of my grandfather and the strong men in my life. The soap is a light tawny pink with pink kaolin clay and a handful of fullers earth. Sophisticated and outlandish. 4.5 ounces

- Lemon Verbena Soap: Ahh, lemon verbena. This sweet soap is speckled with little cranberry seeds and smells exactly like brushing up against the verbena plant in the garden. Perfect for cleaning those garden hands or just catching the summer. 4.5 oz

- Patchouli Rose Soap: Tinted by pink kaolin clay, this soap is the perfect combination of a sweet damask rose and earthy patchouli. As a teenager, I had a less than memorable first apartment, but the one thing I do remember fondly: a candle, my first piece of "furniture." Patchouli Rose scented, it only brings back thoughts of freedom, fear and young love. Now thats a heavy bar of soap. 4.5 ounces

- Pumpkin Pie Soap: This scent is synonymous with heavy sweaters, warm kitchens and crunchy leaves. Do you know how much I love pumpkin pie? An urge that I only satisfy in the cold months- I tried my best to capture my mother's pumpkin pie, in soap form. This soap is colored with red clay, nutmeg and cinnamon sticks, ground together in my mortar and pestle. A true labor of love, perfectly capturing the scent of pumpkin pie. 4.5 ounces and stunning.

- Roasted Chestnut Soap: Warm vanilla with sweet cakey undertones wrapped in a creamy white bar. I added a generous handful of homegrown calendula for color and very slight exfoliation. 4.5 ounces and pretty damn good.

- Wild Flowers Soap: This bar is like walking through warm fields of roses, carnations, daisies and violets. We used lavender, roses, calendula and chamomile to dress this soap up, and boy howdy, it's beautiful! 4.5 ounces

- Woodsmoke Soap: Wood smoke. In the winter, my blankets and sweaters smell like it, we spend the warmer months in preparation mode so we have it. Not only reminding us of keeping warm, but also of the warm times, with bonfires, with the best people, cool drinks and old tee shirts... This soap is warm and gentle, and is tinted a faint green with french green clay. It will leave just a trace of your fireplace memory with you throughout the day. 4.5 ounces

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