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"Handcrafted in small batches because taste matters just as much as ingredients."

Talty Bar was founded by a chef in a small kitchen in NYC due to a sore need for an energy bar that tastes as great as it looks. It’s founder, Timothy Talty, knew that he wanted to pursue a culinary career from a young age and went on the study culinary arts at Johnson and Wales. After graduation, he worked in various upscale restaurants throughout the country and even cooked under the guidance of a James Beard Award Winning Chef.

In 2010, given a lifelong struggle with his weight, Tim decided to join a local CrossFit gym in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. However, when it came to supplementing with great tasting energy products, available protein bars fell short. Tim knew that given his culinary background, he could easily balance flavor profiles with Simple but Honest ingredients to create a perfectly textured protein bar. Thus, the Talty Bar was born. Each bar is handcrafted in small batches because taste matters just as much as ingredients.

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