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The World's First Airtight LED Magnification Stash Jar Lid for Mason Jars.

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About the maker

About the Maker

The idea for MasonBrite™ really started after having a conversation with a client we had been working with for many years in our promotional products business. They had been looking for a similar item but everything in the market was overpriced. We wanted to know why.  Proprietary glassware! We realized if we could pair the lid with a jar that is sold everywhere we could reduce the price by quite a bit. With so many sizes to choose from at major retailers it just made sense. The rest is history!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


What is the magnification level on MasonBrite™?

There are actually two magnification levels, 3X & 5X for optimal viewing.

How long will my MasonBrite™ hold a charge?

Under normal use the battery can support up to 1-2 hours of use. 

Are MasonBrite™ jar lids airtight?


What is the optimal viewing distance for MasonBrite™?

For 3X optimized viewing distance from the lense is 1-10" For 5X optimized viewing distance from the lense is 1-3"

What is the warranty for MasonBrite™?

The warranty covers MasonBrite™ 90 days from the day that you receive it. 

What other colors are available for MasonBrite™?

Currently we only carry the MasonBrite™ in black, however other options will be available in the near future.

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