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Mason Nebula Jar

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August 16, 2021 by Kelsey J
  • Project Time: 2 hours

This DIY project from MomDot.Com is fun for both kids and adults. It's a simple craft that can also double as a sensory bottle which as excellent for calming down children with sensory needs. Use all non-toxic products so you can have your kids make the Nebula Jar along with you, worry free! We also recommend laying out some newspaper for easy cleanup.

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Supplies To Make a Mason Nebula Jar:

• Clean glass jar with lid
• Tempera paints (at least two colors)
• Cotton balls
• Fine glitter
• Water

Step 1: Fill ⅓ of the mason jar with water

Step 2: Add several drops of paint to the jar

Step 3: Put the lid back on the jar and shake the mixture

Step 4: Add about One (1) tsp of fine glitter

Step 5: Pull cotton balls to elongate them

Step 6: Add the stretched out cotton balls into the jar until the bottom third of the jar is full of cotton balls.

Step 7: Repeat steps 1-6 until the jar is full, using a different paint color.

Step 8: Put lid on the jar and enjoy the magic of your Mason Nebula Jar!

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