Hear from the Mason jar community talking about canning, the Mason jar shortage, and anything Mason jars related. This series dives into challenges entrepreneurs have in relation to securing Mason jars for their businesses, and bonus content for anyone who enjoys food preservation.

Season 1: Out Now!

Melani Scott & Kelsey Jackson,
Brad Stieg, Harvest Guard
Andy Hirneisen, Penn State Extension
Kristen Ficker, Everything Elderberry
Keith Reinhart, Fillmore Container
Lonny Kirby, EcoJarz
...and more!

Meet the Host

Karen Rzepecki is the President & Founder of, MakerPlace Inc.,
and Mason Jars Company - makers of reCAP Mason Jar lids.

Listen as she interviews fellow entrepreneurs, sellers on, and other industry experts.


A sneak peak at a few of this seasons guests discussing their challenges the past year sourcing Mason jars, dealing with knock-off Mason jar lid websites, and more. 


First episode coming soon!