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Your one-stop shop for all of your fiery food needs!

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About the maker

About the Maker

Hot Shots is the largest distributor of fiery food products worldwide. We also offer a variety of products for private label. With best in class customer service including same-day shipping, Hot Shots is your one-stop shop for all of your fiery food needs!

CaJohns Fiery Food Co.

CaJohns Fiery Foods got its start in 1996. John Hard, a Fire Protection Engineer by trade, had a passion for hot & spicy food. Fired by many trips to the Gulf Coast and Southwest to work on various fire protection projects. He fell enamored with the local cuisine. Sue, his wife, was raised on the Mississippi Coast. Frequent visits to her parents led to many treks to New Orleans some 60 miles to the west. Here John could load-up on all the ingredients he needed to satisfy his hot & spicy tastes.

John would prepare food for outings and get-togethers for family and friends, introducing them to the real Cajun style of eating (hot/spicy with flavor) rather than Corporate Restaurant America’s version (burn you up). His love of Tex-Mex and New Mexican cooking also developed many a Central-Ohio fan. Soon John had to start mail ordering his needs to the vendors in Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico. Then it dawned on him, why not set up a store in Columbus that would make these necessities readily available to him and others.

That was just the beginning. John opened CaJohns Fiery Foods and went to the Fiery Foods Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico to expand his retail offering of products. CaJohn had dreamed of a line of products made from his recipes, but his initial inquiries revealed that a run of 250-500 cases was necessary to get started. That seemed to be an over-whelming amount of product for a start-up company. While in New Mexico, he met a packager from Indiana, who shared his passion for hot and spicy. The packer told him his dream could be reality, and in 1999, the Legend was born. In 2002, CaJohn opened his own manufacturing facility to better control the manufacturing of his products. In mid-2004, John sold the 60 year old Fire Protection business, now he could devote himself full-time to his passion.

Hot Spots hot sauce was the first of the products from CaJohns. The concept of Dalmatians with a single pepper spot, and the name, was the idea of daughter Erin. Her brother Nathan loves chicken wings, so Nate Dog’s Killer Wing Sauce was soon to follow. CaBoom! replaced a self-titled CaJohns line of products including salsas, hot sauces, barbecue sauce, taco mix and chili mix. The whole family is now involved in this specialty food business.

CaJohn’s line of specialty food products now total over 150 offerings. Salsas, Hot Sauce, barbecue sauce, rubs, spice blends, mixes and mustards make up the line. Cajun, Southwestern, Asian and Caribbean cuisines are all represented. All-natural and preservative free, carefully prepared in small batches, and monitored to insure a high level of quality and a consistent taste. Only the finest of ingredients are used. In fact, CaJohn processes fresh chiles every fall to use exclusively in his products. He refuses to use commercial pepper mash loaded with salt. This is only one of the reasons CaJohns products have fared very well in national competition, garnering over 200 international, national and regional awards. CaJohn guarantees customer satisfaction with all of his products. Taste the CaJohns Difference!

Heartbreaking Dawns

Heartbreaking Dawns is Arizona's premier producer of all-natural artisan sauces and spice blends. The company is independently owned and operated by husband and wife team Chef Johnny and Nicole McLaughlin. The formation of the company began by transforming items from their garden into delicious sauces, putting those sauces into bottles, and adding eye-catching labels. While bringing the sauces to family and friends houses for BBQ’s during the summer of 2008, a friend suggested taking the sauces to a local festival and selling them to the public. Johnny and Nicole were thrilled by the response they had received at that first festival and went home, made more sauce, and signed up for more festivals. They had no idea that in a short time, those exciting creations would become some of the most talked about and sought after products on the market. Johnny recalls,

“I’ve always had a passion for all things creative, from a love of cooking, culture and literature to years as a visual artist. Seeing a product through from conception to sale was the first time I felt the reward of overlapping everything I had ever been passionate about into one single result. I knew immediately that this was the business for me!”

After the first event the couple spent a year and a half attending festivals, learning about food production, researching the industry and refining what would be their first products. In October of 2009, Heartbreaking Dawns became an official business and launched their Jalapeno Pineapple, Mango Habanero and Classic Gold hot sauces. It would not be long before the addition of their Trail Preserves would get them some great recognition in the world of fiery foods. “Our first three sauces are great solid hot sauces, but amongst thousands of other sauces it was hard to get them to stand out. The Trail Preserves were something truly unique at the time, very usable and delicious.” The Original Fiery Trail Preserves continues to be the Hudson Valleys 1st Place Chutney for 3 years and counting now.

In January of 2011 the ambitious young company launched the first of the Specialty Superhot line with their 1498 Trinidad Scorpion Sauce. This sauce would not only be the first commercially produced Scorpion Sauce in the US, but the one that brought the Heartbreaking Dawns name to a whole new demographic of customers throughout the US and dozens of countries overseas.

It would seem that Johnny and Nicole wouldn’t have time to breathe let alone continue to release amazing creations. At any given time, you can find them at most major events, doing in-store demos, tastings, filling orders, keeping up with their online presence and continually expanding their company.

“That’s the only way to stay relevant. In an industry that is growing so rapidly you need to be constantly representing your creations. We jump at every chance we get to talk about what we do and I absolutely love it. Heartbreaking Dawns is so much more than a business, it has become my life’s work, one that I put my love and energy into constantly.”

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