Till’s Rub: Tame, Sassy, Fierce

Till's Rubs

If you live in a household where some people like to kick up the heat while others like to savor the flavor without getting scorched by the spice, Till’s box set of all-purpose rubs is a must-have. From grilled fish and shrimp to steak and chicken, these proprietary blends of herbs and spices will please everybody’s taste buds.

But it doesn’t stop there. Add Till’s spices to grilled veggies such as zucchini, peppers, and asparagus, as well as starchier veggies such as potatoes and corn.

Heck, when it comes to garnishing drinks, especially margaritas, salt the rim of your next glass with Till's—we have!

And, for all of you health-conscious folks out there, you’ll be happy to know that all of Till’s rubs are all-natural, kosher, vegan, and gluten and MSG-free! So, you can feel great about what’s going onto your meats and into your belly!

Here’s a quick breakdown of Till’s flavors:

Tame Till's Rub1. Tame (Mild): This mild and smoky mix of spices imparts tangy goodness without too much fierieness. Packed with zesty, robust garlic and onion notes, “Tame” goes great on everything, and we loved it on chicken and asparagus and recommend that as a great starting point to test it out.

Till's Rub Sassy

2. Sassy (Medium): Take “Tames” power-packed profile and turn up the heat without melting off your face and blinding your taste buds and you’ve got “Sassy.” With the addition of chile peppers, “Sassy” is a crowd-pleaser no matter where your palate falls on the heat-spectrum. We recommend trying this medium rub on your favorite seafood.

Till's Rubs Fierce

3. Fierce (Hot): If you’re a grill master who doesn’t shy away from the heat, “Fierce” will bring both the fire and flavor. With a pinch of sugar in the mix, it pulls a hearty sweetness into the mix that rounds out spice. Take your taste buds on an adventure by using this rub in a vegetable medley or on a pork loin. Once you start using it, it’s hard to stop.

Gustus Vitae

Gustus Vitae

If you’re interested in exploring how far you can push your BBQ flavors, you need to try this Gustus Vitae collection. Vitae’s spices are also certified non-GMO, all-natural, and gluten-free.

If you’re a serious grill master, these spices should be on your shelf. While Vitae’s price points are a little higher, the quality is outstanding. Further, each and every one of their gourmet sea salts, sugars, spices, and seasonings are sustainably sourced so you can feel good about where your money is going.

Ancho Chile Sea Salt

4. Ancho Chile Sea Salt: With a lingering heat and steady flavor, your ground beef and red meats will stand out without being overpowering. Gustus Vitae keeps it simple with this rub, with an elegant balance of sea salt and chili peppers.

Garlic Pepper Rub

5. Garlic Pepper Rub: If you’re up to a strong, full-flavored grill rub, this will get the job done right! It’s zesty garlic notes aligned seamlessly with both meat and veggies. Load up on this rub, and enjoy the rollercoaster ride of flavors. 

 Reb Cayenne Sea Salt6. Red Cayenne Sea Salt: Up for a challenge? Take on the heat of this Red Cayenne sea salt with your next BBQ. It’s super spicy but full of flavor. Maximize the flavor profiles in guacamole, flame-grilled chicken, or marinades with this rub.

Backyard Safari Company

Backyard Safari Company

If you love to grill but hate rummaging through your cupboards for the right spices, keep your cooking simple with Backyard Safari’s grill spices. They’re clearly mixed for different meats and veggies which eliminates the guesswork of BBQing. 

Created in small batches, these rubs are all-natural and gluten-free.

Steak & Burger Rub

7. Backyard Steak & Burger Rub—Pepper Garlic: If you’re longing for a steak rub reminiscent of a high-end steakhouse, look no further. This blend of garlic, thyme, sea salt, cayenne pepper, and other spices coalesce to add depth to your T-bones or elevate your burgers.

Chicken & Veggie Rub

8. Backyard Chicken & Veggie Rub—Lemon Zest & Garlic: Take your poultry game to another level with this pepper, garlic, and lemon rub. This rub’s citrusy notes bring a lot of brightness while hints of cayenne pepper add the heat to this versatile spice blend.

Seafood Grilling Herbs

9. Backyard Seafood Grilling Herbs—Rosemary, Lemon & Dill: Grilling seafood demands a softer touch, and this nuanced blend of rosemary, lemon, dill, and oregano, as well as a variety of other spices, brings out a light yet complex flavor perfect for fish, shrimp, or lobster.

Grilled Corn Rub

10. Backyard Grilled Corn Rub—Sweet Chipotle: Nothing says summer quite like sweet corn. We like to throw it on the grill to get a smoky tang. For added sweetness and some tantalizing heat, apply this rub of paprika, black pepper, and chipotle pepper.

s.a.l.t. Sisters Rub & Seasonings

s.a.l.t. Sisters offer all-natural non-GMO spices and rubs that are also free of gluten, preservatives, and MSG. All of their seasonings feature only the highest-quality, unrefined salt. If you’re a grilling aficionado who loves to liberally apply your favorite dry spices to each of your cookout masterpieces, try the following flavors:
Midnight Diamonds11. Midnight Diamonds: If you’re going to add some salt to your BBQed meats, use s.a.l.t Sister’s dark smoky flavored Hawaiian sea salt. It’s infused with activated charcoal made from coconut shells. Midnight Diamonds is harvested from the pristine ocean waters surrounding the island of Molokai and blended with only the finest ingredients, resulting in exquisite taste and unmatched mineral content.

Everyday Seasoning Salt

12. Everyday Seasoning Salt: If you like a hint of smokiness with just about every meal you cook, this seasoning salt will be your go-to ingredient. With a subtle heat, a touch of tanginess, and an array of deep flavors such as garlic, coconut, and turmeric, it’s the perfect everyday addition to your meals and BBQ creations.

Ghost Pepper

13. Ghost Pepper: A little of this ghost pepper salt goes a long way, but you’ll love where it takes your taste buds if you’re a heat-seeker. The s.a.l.t Sisters blended it with Naga Jolokia, better known as the Ghost Pepper, and is the perfect fiery addition to your favorite BBQed meats.

Habanero Heat

14. Habanero Heat: If you’re ready for a sizzle, this habanero pepper seasoning salt will do the trick.   Not only does it bring a healthy dose of spice, but it’s also packed with flavor.

Roasted Garlic

15. Roasted Garlic: Is there any BBQ dish that garlic doesn’t go well with? This intensely-aromatic garlic blended sea salt makes every grilled creation a mouthwatering sensation. Use it on all of your meats and grilled veggies!

Vintage Merlot

16. Vintage Merlot: The Vintage Merlot seasoning salt can help you pull new flavors out of your favorite steaks. Combining the deep taste of merlot with unrefined sea salt, it results in a briny tartness, that accentuates a great cut of meat. Use it as an ingredient in your marinade or use it as a finishing salt.

Butcher's Blend

17. Butcher's Blend: This butcher’s blend seasoning salt is a must-have for grilling meat. It contains a flawlessly-balanced mix of hickory smoked salt, applewood smoked peppercorns, and coconut sugar, as well as an array of other spices. The butcher’s blend is not only great for BBQ, but you can also mix it in with baked potatoes, baked beans, or a vegetable medley.


18. Sriracha: With this seasoning salt, the s.a.l.t Sisters give a nod to one of the best hot sauces around, Sriracha. Take all of the flavors from this crowd-pleaser and add them to your BBQ toolkit. Add this Sriracha seasoning salt to anything that needs a little cayenne, garlic, vinegar, or honey flavor.

Caribbean Jerk

19. Caribbean Jerk: Escape the backyard to the tropics with this sweet-heat tastebud transportation device. Enjoy the sweet heat of the tropics with this Caribbean Jerk seasoning salt. It’s flavors are well-balanced with a combination of coconut sugar and hot spices. We think it’s incredible on chicken.

Honey Glaze

20. Honey Glaze: If you’re looking for a dash of down-home flavor, this honey glaze rub is just right. The s.a.l.t Sister’s blend of savory and sweet spices is the perfect accompaniment to any food you want to make brighter, bolder, and simply more delicious.

Memphis BBQ

21. Memphis BBQ: Bring the flavors of Tennessee right to your grill. This authentic Memphis spice blend is fantastic on meat, rice, or veggie dishes. With a blend of coconut sugar, hot peppers, and smoked salt, this rub will make your mouth water.

Sweet Honey Heat

22. Sweet Honey Heat: Sometimes the best combinations are both spicy and sweet. That’s why the s.a.l.t Sisters created their Sweet Honey Heat rub. With strong notes of honey, garlic, paprika and cayenne, it’s a sure-fire way to fire up your taste buds.

Kansas City BBQ

23. Kansas City BBQ: With its sweet and spicy flavors, we love Kansas BBQ! The s.a.l.t Sisters figured out a way to harness the flavors of the Sunflower State with this rub. Use this on your grilled meats, veggies, or potatoes.

Caboose Spice Company

Caboose Spice CompanyLast, but far from least, is this ensemble from Caboose Spice Company. Their delicious BBQ rubs and seasonings should be in every grill master’s cabinet. Caboose is made in the USA, is MSG-free, and contains no preservatives.

River of No Return

24. River of No Return: This mix Alderwood smoked salt, brown sugar, marjoram, and sumac is layered with smoky savory flavors. In conjunction with the rich traditional grilling flavors, it also brings a lot of freshness. So, switch out the lemon pepper for a few dishes, and use River of No Return instead. We recommend using it on fish, veggies, and pork.

Old No. 1

25. Old No. 1: Labeled No. 1, this spice speaks for itself. There's a reason tried-and-true applies here. With an exquisite mix of smoked paprika, brown sugar, clove, cinnamon, and licorice, this rub often becomes people’s go-to. Caboose even says you can use it in apple pie!

Abilene Depot

26. Abilene Depot: While it only brings a mild heat, this rub brings with it a mountain of earthy, smoky, and savory flavors. It may sound strange, but this hint of organic cocoa and fennel seed go amazingly well with beef, lamb, chicken, and grilled veggies. 

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