Why Sell On MasonJars.com

Why MasonJars.com

Be part of a seller-friendly MakerPlace that cares about your success, encourages collaboration, and helps you gain access to an established network of wholesale buyers and distributors.

MasonJars.com is a marketplace for Makers. We are looking for Makers (sellers) with authentic brands and creative household products that solve problems. Sellers receive a branded seller page to tell their story that highlights specific products and offerings.

Maker Benefits:

    1. Access to new customers. As a MasonJars.com Maker, you’ll gain instant exposure to new retail and wholesale customers. With an established URL and customer base, you’ll sell to customers with a passion for all things DIY.
    2. Simple Integration. Our seller dashboard allows you to easily get started and track your orders and inventory with retail and wholesale customers. We help you grow with flexible, affordable memberships, and no hidden fees.
    3. Control Your Brand. Maintain control over your story as a Maker. Tell your story to customers and highlight where your products are made to create a connection. Collaborate and cross-promote with other sellers for more exposure in how-to videos, guides, and kits.

Access to Wholesale Buyers and Distributors

MasonJars.com Makers can also maximize sales and product reach by utilizing our established network of global wholesale buyers and distributors (membership limitations may apply). As a Maker, you can offer your products at wholesale rates to our active network of buyers without having to deal with the hassle of finding and vetting. We’ve done the hard work for you and have built a network of trust and reliability so that you can focus on what is important for your products.