3 Steps To Create A Compelling 20 Second Pitch Video

3 Steps To Create A Compelling 20 Second Pitch Video


  • Camera - any decent phone camera will work.
  • Shoot horizontal. Use a selfie stick, stack books, or have someone shoot for you. Leave a little “white space” on the right or left to allow an editor to add a logo or text.
  • Have good natural lighting.
  • Show your products and wear your logo shirt!

The 20 Second Message

  • Take time to write up your pitch and cover these four areas. Practice reading it out loud and revise the content to get it to 20 seconds.
  • Greeting. I’m (name) maker of (brand)
  • Product. What makes this product different
  • Why your product/brand or your mission
  • Call to action


  • Project a strong but conversational voice. Reduce background noise.
  • Smile and have fun! Think of all the great bloopers you’re making!
  • Practice. Several times.
  • Shoot an extra few seconds at the beginning and the end with just you smiling. This allows a smooth transition and edits.

Watch Out For:

  • Poor lighting
  • Messy background
  • Low voice or background noise
  • Shooting too close or too far
  • Slouching,  not smiling, glare from glasses
  • Not showing or speaking about the product

Pitch Video Example:



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