How do I submit a Story?

Stories are one of the fundamental parts of our culture, and everyone loves to both hear and tell them. Any great experiences involving products from the MakerPlace, guides, instructions, and fun facts are welcome to be shared in this category.

Follow These Steps To Submit A Story:

  1. Login or create an account
  3. Scroll down and click on “SHARE YOUR STORY”
  4. Add a catchy title
  5. Add a short summary of your story
  6. If you have made a YouTube video provide the URL here
  7. Add other photos and/or videos here as well
  8. Tag other products that relate to your story
  9. Select up to five categories for your type of story
  10. Upload an image that represents your story
  11. Click submit for approval or save and edit later
  12. If you want to view the status of your submission click account name at top of page
  13. Click my account
  14. Select community submissions on the left bar
  15. If you wish to edit your post again select edit on the right of the page