How do I submit a recipe?

Whether you are a maker yourself and want to show the best ways to use your product or have a favorite recipe that involves items you've purchased from the MakerPlace, sharing these instructions will help our Community learn. 

Follow These Steps To Submit A Recipe:

  1. Login or create an account
  3. Scroll down and click on “SHARE YOUR RECIPE”
  4. Enter recipe name or title
  5. Give a brief description of your recipe
  6. Add the serving size
  7. Select difficulty level
  8. If you have a YouTube video provide the URL here
  9. Enter name of recipe
  10. Add ingredient and fill out required fields
  11. Give a list of simple instructions
  12. You can add another recipe but if you have only one then continue onto prep, cook, and ready time
  13. Write a story about your recipe
  14. Add photos and/or videos
  15. Select up to five categories the for type of recipe
  16. Include products from the MakerPlace that you used in your creation
  17. Upload an image that represents your recipe
  18. Click submit for approval or save and edit later
  19. If you want to view the status of your submission click account name at top of page
  20. Click my account
  21. Select community submissions on the left bar
  22. If you wish to edit your post again select edit on the right of the page