Emulsified Sugar Scrub

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Emulsified Sugar Scrub
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Exfoliating dead skin cells is always in fashion no matter the season and there are good reasons to do it. Regular exfoliating eliminates dry, dead skin cells revealing new skin that is smoother and softer and more receptive to moisturizer. It makes the skin look younger with better tone as it increases blood circulation which, in turn, encourages cell regeneration.

These are not the sugar scrubs from a decade ago that were simply oils and sugar that needed to be stirred prior to use and left the tub a dangerous oil slick. Emulsified scrubs are more structured and easier to use. Just scoop out a generous amount of scrub and rub it on areas of the body that need exfoliation. While the sugar gently sloughs off rough, dead skin cells, the oils and butters transform into a creamy lotion as they mix with water leaving skin feeling polished, soft, smooth, refreshed and moisturized without feeling greasy. The colors of the scrubs are derived from jojoba beads for extra moisturizing and natural clays which also help to remove impurities and provide mild exfoliation.

The scrubs are packaged in a recyclable 9 oz. PET jar (made in the USA) and a cute wooden spoon is included for scooping the scrub.

Base Ingredients: Sugar, rice bran oil, mango butter, shea butter, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, jojoba oil, jojoba beads (hydrogenated jojoba wax), bees wax, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, sorbic acid, fragrance, vitamin E

Black Raspberry Vanilla - The classic sweet notes of blackberries, raspberries and vanilla are yummy in this sugar scrub. We added jojoba beads for extra exfoliation and additional moisturizing power. The light purple color comes from natural Brazilian clay.

Brazilian Boom Boom - This is an addictive scent with delicious notes of pistachio, almond, salted caramel, jasmine petals, sandalwood and vanilla that is soft and calming. Mango-colored jojoba beads were added for a subtle pop of color and extra exfoliation.

Cocoa Butter Cashmere - One of our most popular scents is absolutely scrumptious in this emulsified sugar scrub! The warm, buttery notes blend fabulously with the sweetness from the sugar. The light brown color is due to the tiny brown jojoba beads that were added for a bit of extra gentle scrubiness.

Mango Pineapple - This mouthwatering scent will sweeten any mood. It's a well balanced blend with both the pineapple and mango notes coming through that will remind you of a warm, relaxing summer day by the pool or a yummy backyard barbecue.

Ocean Mist - This fresh aroma will whisk you away to a tropical island where the salty ocean breezes dance playfully through your hair. It is a complex bouquet that starts with top notes of cucumber, bergamot, aloe and grapefruit and ends with teakwood, sandalwood, fern and oakmoss that come together beautifully for that perfect fresh ocean fragrance. The light blue color comes from Russian Cambrian blue clay and is complemented with green jojoba beads to add extra exfoliation and moisturizing properties.

Perfect Day - This is a lively, crisp and happy floral scent with bright citrus notes that is a great season transition fragrance to chase away the winter doldrums. The light yellow color is derived from Brazilian clay and blue jojoba beads were added for extra exfoliation and moisturizing benefits.

Spell of Love - This is one of our most popular scents and it made a fabulous sugar scrub! It's an absolutely tantalizing blend composed of sweet bouquet of mandarin orange, bergamot, and tangerine enhanced by hints of fresh peaches, strawberries, and raspberries on an undertone of white musk. Imaginative and complex!

Sugared Lemon - Lemon fans will love this mouthwatering scent! It's tangy sweetness will remind you of those famous refreshing lemon shakes from the fair. The bright lemony color is from gold Brazilian clay.

Turquoise Summer - This is a lovely fresh fruit medley intertwined with violet, orange blossom and crimson rose. Then add vanilla, caramel, warm musk and desert sandalwood and this scent is the perfect light and sexy summertime fragrance. The scrub is complemented with turquoise jojoba beads to add a subtle touch of color, extra exfoliation and moisturizing properties.

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Orders are shipped in 3-4 business days after receiving them. 

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