Homemade Chemical-Free Spring Cleaning Recipes how to.

Homemade Chemical-Free Spring Cleaning Recipes

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May 24, 2022 by reCAP®

Learn how to spring clean naturally with common kitchen ingredients such as lemons, salt, baking soda, vinegar and essential oils. Inludes tips and suggestions for organic spring cleaning. Transform your Mason jars into sprayers  with the reCAP ADAPTA!

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The arrival of spring gives most of us a renewed sense of motivation. As the rain washes away the gray of winter outside, it’s the perfect time to wash away the accumulated dust and dirt inside. Luckily we've brought to you sensible solutions for DIY spring cleaning.

Here are a few ways to use the reCAP Adapta around the house:

1. For a Spotless Refrigerator

If you don't have the organic cleaning concentrate, you can make your own DIY cleaning solution! Use a baking soda and water mix (1 tbsp of baking powder per cup of water) or a mild soap (1 tbsp castile soap per 1 cup of water) and water mix (aim for unscented) to wash the shelves and bins. For tougher-to-remove stains, a mixture of vinegar can be used (1/2 cup vinegar, 1/2 cup water per tbsp castille or baking soda)

2. For Streak-free Windows

What’s great about the Clean-up-Kit’s fiber cloth is that it will clean your windows and mirrors without leaving streaks! If you’re using your own DIY solution and another type of cloth, be sure to pick a cloudy day to wash your windows. If it's too sunny, most cleaning solutions will dry too fast and create streaks.

3. For Shiny Surfaces

Instead of using vinegar-based a DIY cleaning solution, castile soap is a safer option to use on multiple surfaces, such as granite and marble. (Always test cleaners first on a small area first before applying to a greater surface area.)

4. For Stainless Steel

Make your stainless steel sparkle again using white vinegar and olive oil. Apply white vinegar directly to a microfiber cloth or spray directly onto your surface. Let sit for just a moment, and then wipe clean in the direction of the grain. Apply the vinegar as many times as necessary to remove any grime. Then dab a clean towel into some olive oil and polish the freshly-cleaned surface in the direction of the grain.

Other Cleaning tips:

- One of the best ways to get rid of lime buildup around the faucet it is to lay paper towels over the fixture then soak it with vinegar. Let it sit for an hour, and the deposits will soften and become easier to remove.

- You can clean screens with a scrap of carpeting! It makes a powerful brush that removes all the dirt.

- If your drapes are looking drab, take them out of the window, remove the hooks and run them through the air-fluff cycle in the dryer along with a wet towel (to draw off the dust) for 15 minutes. Hang them back in the windows immediately.

- Sometimes comforters, blankets, and pillows don't need to be cleaned, but they do need to be aired out after a long winter in your closed-up home. Take them outside and hang them on a clothesline for a day.

Ready to get cleaning? Put your Adapta sprayer on your Mason jar, and let’s get to work!

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