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CO, United States
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Our Story

"Take the goodness to go.™"

Coconut Oil in a Squeeze Tube.

We came to be through one of those Scarlett O'Hara at Tara moments when she shrieks, "As God as my witness..." After a year of various travel excursions, I slung open our camper door to find a vegan Jackson Pollock of now dry coconut oil.

When we left Tennessee it was blazing hot out even though it was supposed to be Spring. The half-gallon container of coconut oil was liquid. The cabinet it should have been in was wide open. It appears my delicious oil of coconut was ejected as though in a Medieval catapult at the opposing wall. A smattered, splattered, scattered, huge mess. Yes, it was then that I knew there was an easier way and I was going to find it.

I think I did.

While our oil is pure and organic, there are caveats, such as it softens and solidifies at the will of the weather, sometimes the fats in the oil solidify at different rates and it looks weird, sometimes you only want a little and you squeeze out a lot. But our tube is so much more sanitary for daily use, especially beauty use within any sort of regimen. Our tube makes it so much easier to pack for travel, and it's so much more convenient to have handy.
To come full circle, we sourced the most naturally viable coconut oil available on the market today. And I love that other people find it useful, and I love that we're still going strong after 5 years. All I could hope, whether it's our coconut oil or any other, is that people start realizing what a versatile oil it truly is and they see that it's a natural and organic alternative to so many products they buy chock full of synthetics claiming to do what coconut oil has and will hopefully always be able to do, heal.
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