Chakra Balancing Series Complete Set

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Chakra Balancing Series Complete Set
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Get all seven Chakra Rollers complete with draw string pouch and direction cards to balance all of your major chakras!

Crystal infused carrier oil is blended with a pure essential oil to help bring balance to your chakras. Each chakra is represented with its own unique blend. Direction cards show symptoms of imbalance and include a mantra to recite.

MULADHARA (Root) - Garnet with Cedarwood
Symptoms of Imbalance:

Feeling Ungrounded, Loneliness, Addictions, Phobias
Lower-Back Pain, Constipation, Sexual Dysfunction, Water Retention

SVADISTHANA (Sacral) - Carnelian with Clary Sage
Symptoms of Imbalance:

Eating Disorders, Low Self-Confidence, Addictions, Unbalanced Emotions
Hip/Pelvic Pain, Kidney Issues, Infertility, Sexual Dysfunction

MANIPURA (Solar Plexus) - Citrine with Bergamot
Symptoms of Imbalance:

Lack of Concentration, Fear, Insomnia, Introversion
Digestive Disorders, Food Allergies, Poor Metabolism, Diabetes

ANAHATA (Heart) - Rose Quartz with Geranium
Symptoms of Imbalance:

Apathetic, Unforgiving, Hopeless, Distrustful
Shoulder Pain, Heart Issues, Breast Problems, Lung Issues

VISHUDDHA (Throat) - Sodalite with Lemon
Symptoms of Imbalance:

Fear, Inability to Cope, Feeling Isolated, Lack of Self-Expression
Sinus Issues, Sore Throat, Jaw Pain, Thyroid Problems

AGNYA (Brow) - Amethyst with Lavender
Symptoms of Imbalance:

Nightmares, Learning Difficulties, Volatility, Hallucinations
Vision Issues, Ear Problems, Headaches, Hormonal Imbalance

SAHASRARA (Crown) - Clear Quartz with Frankincense
Symptoms of Imbalance:

Depression, Confusion, Loss of Faith, Prejudices
Light Sensitivity, Headaches, Tremors, High Blood Pressure

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