Foodies. From a continuous conquest to cook up the latest mouthwatering creations, to dining on five-star delectables, you know what defines them. And with the rise in appreciation of food (and food photography on social!), you've got them in your life. You may even be one yourself.

But other than another cookbook or more gift vouchers to Instagram-worthy restaurants, what can you get to celebrate the foodie in your life? What’s more, slicing through the buffet of options can be exhausting.

That’s why we’ve curated a list of 11 delicious and useful presents to take the guesswork out of gastronomical gifting.

Here are a few ideas for showing the food connoisseurs that you care about their efforts and passion in the kitchen.


1. reCAP® FLIP Mason Jar Lids

Give your foodie the gift of environmentally-friendly Mason jar lids for storage, drinking, and more. These multipurpose lids are BPA free, top-rack dishwasher safe, freezer proof, and stain-resistant. The flip lids can be used to top a Mason jar as a water bottle, and they’re perfect vessels for infused water recipes. Here are a few other ways cooks use the lids:

  • Store dessert sprinkles or gourmet sugar to decorate cookies and cakes
  • Dispense dried herbs or parmesan cheese
  • Create homemade salad dressings

Fiery Fermentation Bundle

2. Fiery Fermentation Bundle

Bring on the heat with this DIY-fermentation gift set to make your own hot sauce, salsa, spicy chutney, kimchi, and more. Each kit contains reCAP lids and Mason jars in a variety of sizes and lid types for your foray into fermentation. It also comes with the book Fiery Ferments by Kirsten and Christopher Shockey, complete with mouth-watering recipes and nutritional information about fermented foods’ health benefits.

3. Pantry Starter Kit

For the aspiring gourmet, gift a pantry-starter kit of eight essential seasonings. The spices are crafted in small batches and arrive in magnetic tins that can stick to a refrigerator or another metal surface. The varieties include:

  • California sea salt
  • Smoked Spanish paprika
  • Onion Powder
  • Coriander leaves
  • Crushed red pepper flakes
  • Turmeric
  • Oregano
  • Granulated garlic

4. Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps

Once your favorite foodie has concocted a culinary masterpiece, there will probably be leftovers. Give the gift of environmentally friendly food storage with these handmade beeswax food wraps. They’re designed to replace single-use plastic bags and plastic wraps and can be cut to size.

5. Painter’s Palette Sea Salt Collection

If variety is the spice of life, these flavored sea salts are sure to make supper a savory success. Seasoned sea salts add depth to favorite dishes, ranging from roasted chicken entrees to a variety of sides, from salads to grilled veggies to mashed potatoes. The salts come in the following flavors:

  • Green tea sea salt
  • Red cayenne sea salt
  • Indian Tandoori sea salt
  • Smoked sea salt
  • Dijon mustard sea salt
  • Blue Cheese sea salt

6. DIY Baking Kit: Celebration Cupcakes

Give the gift of celebration with this DIY baking kit complete with pre-measured ingredients, a detailed recipe card, 18 oven-safe red and white chevron cupcake cups, and 10 gold candles. Add eggs and butter from home, and it's a party!

7. Coffee House Classics- Eight Gourmet Cane Sugars

Nothing goes better with a delectable dessert than a good cup of coffee. And nothing goes better with great coffee than these gourmet flavored sugars that elevate that first cup of joe to a whole new level. The sugars are sustainably sourced and crafted in small batches. The magnetic tins of cane sugar come in eight flavors:

  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Peppermint
  • Spicy Chocolate Cinnamon
  • Gingerbread
  • Caramel Creme Brulee
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Caffe Mocha
  • Vanilla Bean

8. Organic Sriracha Variety Pack

For food lovers who like their meals with a bit of a bite, check out this pack of sriracha chili sauce. Made from several varieties of ripe red chiles and pureed with garlic and a small amount of sugar, these sriracha bottles come in three increasingly hot flavors: original, Habanero, and Ghost Pepper.

9. Reid’s Gourmet Peanut Butter

Whether you spread it on a sandwich, use it as a vegetable dip, or sneak it by the spoonful from the jar, this all-natural peanut butter made without added sugars and oils captures the nutty and earthy flavor of peanuts. Choose from three varieties of creamy goodness: original peanut butter, honey peanut butter, or cinnamon peanut butter.

10. Infused Ghost Pepper Honey

If your foodie likes to keep it sweet and spicy, look no further than this infused ghost pepper honey. The honey’s bright sweetness counterbalanced with the ghost pepper’s satisfying heat makes it the perfect complement to drizzle on pizza, ice cream, sandwiches, or cheese.

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