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A Marketplace For Original Makers

At MasonJars.com, we celebrate original Makers who have a passion for handcrafted, DIYed,
and grassroots-manufactured products for the home, kitchen, and garden.

We’re rewriting the eCommerce narrative
for retail and wholesale

At MasonJars.com, we've built a people-centered platform where
Makers are encouraged to tell their stories and consumers
can feel good about their purchases.


No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees

No gimmicks, no tricks. We believe in fair and transparent transactions.

Easy Onboarding

Easy Onboarding

Let us help you get launched quickly
so you can focus on selling. Our dedicated
Maker Team is ready to assist.

Preserve Your Brand

Preserve Your Brand

Your brand, your products, your message,
your price. We celebrate you, your story,
and your accomplishments.


Choose to sell direct to consumer or to our wholesale customers. Or choose both!

1. Add products and profile

Add and manage your products and inventory through your Maker Dashboard. Set different prices for retail and wholesale.

2. Fulfill your orders

Manage your orders, customer communication, and shipping using your Maker Dashboard.

3. Get Paid

Ship your orders, update tracking information, and get paid! It's that simple!

Price tag icon.Seller Membership and Fees
Maker Features:
Referral fee 15%
Monthly Fee $0
Setup Fee $0
Listing Fee $0
Additional Fee For First Time Orders No
Seller Dashboard Yes
Add Recipes, How-To, & Stories Yes
Collaborate With Other Sellers Yes
Our Sellers Page Yes
Integrated Cart For Your Own Website Not Available

Seller memberships may be changed or canceled at any time.

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1. Let Us Handle Marketing
We work to promote your story and products on social media and in our newsletters. We will also work to get your products in the hands of our Influencer team to expend your reach. We love to promote useful products, especially if they offer free shipping! As we all know, customers convert better when free shipping is offered!

2. We Do The Payment Processing
All you need to worry about is fulfilling orders! We handle the payment processing for each transaction. Bonus! When you sell wholesale, we also manage the nitty gritty details like payment terms, invoicing, and payment collection!

3. Taxes
We've got you covered. Create your nexus and let us do the calculations. We either report directly to a State or give you the taxes for the States you have nexus.

Our Focus:

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Karen, Mason Jars Company

Mason Jars Company

"As a Partner with MasonJars.com, I can
easily link my shopping cart and no longer
have to worry about chasing payments.
I can tell my story and keep my branding.
My recipes articles and products are featured
in newsletters and social. My retail and wholesale sales have increased!"

Lisa, Humble Elephant

Humble Elephant

"Selling Wholesale is easy. I no longer have
to worry about chasing the next customer, invoicing, or overdue bills. By offering
samples, customers can better understand products before purchasing cases. Now, I simply fulfill my orders and focus
on developing new products."

Leslie, Sun Days Goods


"Mason Jars MakerPlace is a dream come true for any emerging brand. They have given me their heart and soul to bring awareness to my new company. From day one, I knew they truly cared. MasonJars.com is a gathering place for passionate creators and for buyers inspiring for new visions...and it brings us all together in a casual and friendly way."


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Ship With ShipStation

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