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Sourcing locally harvested crops to create delicious homemade drinks.

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About the maker

About the Maker


Our family has always supported local and Pacific Northwest agriculture by sourcing locally harvested or grow our own crops to turn into delicious homemade drinks. From home-brewed beer, wines, teas, and spirits. It all began with our love of the outdoors, gardening, farming, cooking, baking, and creating with the varied bounty of the Northwest. Now we want to bring our handcrafted loose leaf tea blends and tea infused natural products to your family.


To exclusively blend small batch, artisan loose leaf teas while being mindful of where we source our ingredients, and taking advantage whenever possible of local or seasonal ingredients. To not use chemical preservatives or artificial flavors. To run our business practices holistically considering our social, economic and environmental impacts and working with companies that support these values. 


Founded by a Northwest native and mother Crindalyn, who is passionate about creating from inspiration. From this inspiration and desire, a family business was born crafting loose leaf tea full of Pacific Northwest flavor and flair. Working together with her mother, son, and other family members, Beach House Teas is a small family business filled with a love of the bounties the Pacific Northwest has to offer with a mixture of creativity and family traditions. We are grateful to be doing what we love together, for having the opportunity to share our creations with others and building a likeminded, passionate community through beautiful Northwest inspired blended teas.


We're passionate about creating delicious teas using only the finest organic or wild harvested ingredients. We begin by sourcing our ingredients from quality local farms, foragers and distributors supporting Pacific Northwest agriculture first and our values. We then hand mix all our original blends in small batches with a kiss of Pacific Ocean air on the Long Beach Washington Peninsula. Capturing the beautiful aromas and flavors the Pacific Northwest has to offer and bring it to your tea cup.

All blends are crafted and shipped within 30 days of blending to bring you some of the freshest and tastiest tea available. You will never find synthetic ingredients, "natural flavors" or non-natural preservatives and additives in our tea blends and many of our other products. Any "flavorings" we add are 100% pure organic extracts, which extracts the flavor of the source ingredient.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Did you know that tea is one of the most highly sprayed crops we consume?

Sadly, the chemicals used to douse most tea plants are never washed off during processing meaning that all those undesired chemicals are coming off for the first time in your cuppa! We are committed to using organic teas and ingredients here at Beach House Teas. All of our teas are organic and certified fair trade, plus 98% of the ingredients we use to blend with our teas are also organic.

Where do our tea leaves come from?

Our tea leaves come from a few different places depending on the tea blend, but most from China. There are currently only about five farms in the US that are growing the tea plant, but none are at the production needed for most US based tea companies and usually produce for themselves. We work with a company that sources tea for us. When they consider a farm or harvesting site, they extensively review plant materials and take the health of their customers and the environment into serious consideration. They personally visit each producer to verify their partnership and that sustainability is practiced. The tea leaves in particular are cultivated on organic tea estates tended by generations of expert growers. The tea leaves are all organic certified. They then rigorously test each product in their in-house quality control laboratory to insure it is safe to consume or use.

What are extracts?

Our tea blending style is unique and any flavor we add are pure organic extracts. Flavorings labeled natural can still contain questionable ingredients so we stay away from them altogether. Our tea blends gain their flavors from REAL food such as spices, herbs, flowers, nuts, fruits, etc. This brings a distinctly delicious taste and aroma to your tea, providing a burst of fresh flavor unlike anything you have ever experienced from teas with flavorings. To read more about the pure organic extracts we use, read our blog post here.


What is the shelf life of the tea?

We do not use any preservatives or other such chemicals in our tea blends. This means your tea is in its purest (and healthiest) form. This also means that you do need to be mindful of shelf life. We recommend consuming your tea within 9-12 months of purchase for best/freshest quality and flavor. We recommend storing your tea for no longer than 12 months, especially for tea blends containing nuts or fruit pieces. For daily storage, be sure your tea is kept away from light, which can deteriorate the quality of your tea leaves, and air. Latch lock canisters, or stoneware/ceramic canisters with rubber gasket sealed lids are fantastic for storing loose tea!

Shipping Policy


Most of our items are shipped within 3-5 business days. You will receive a notice once your item has shipped and is on the way. Please note that around holidays our shipping schedule may differ. If there is a delay in processing your order, you will be notified. 


Depending on size of order, our process times may vary, but most are processed within two business days and shipped within 3-5 business days.  If you need your order by a specific date, please let us know and we will do our utmost to accommodate!

Refund Policy

Refunds must be submitted within 10 days of purchase. Only unopened items (seals must not be broken) may be returned for a refund. Buyer pays for shipping of the item back to Beach House Teas if the item is requested to be returned. 

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