Having trouble finding canning jars and lids? The coronavirus has created a resurgence in home gardening, canning, and crafting, causing a buying spree for Mason jars and lids. Some retailers have experienced sales growth over 600 percent! Ball lids and jars are on back-order but expected to be available by late fall. (Ball is made by Newell Brands, the country’s largest manufacturer of consumer canning jars and lids).

While we wait for Ball to recover their production to match demand, some people are finding alternatives that are not working out. Please be aware that several websites have popped up that are infringing on the BALL/BERNARDIN/KERR brand and leading people to believe they are buying a Ball product.


Google Search for Mason Jars that shows knockoffs

 This is what the Ball brand looks like:

 This is an example of a knock-off:

I contacted the Newell Brands trademark attorney yesterday (Wednesday, 2-September), and overnight the knockoff websites changed their brand images. Still similar and misleading but not an exact match.

They even have the following disclaimer! It must be Official since they say so. The actual “official” Ball site is https://www.freshpreserving.com/

Here at MasonJars.com, we are getting complaints from people who think they bought from us. We are out of canning lids but do have jars with reCAP, and we only source the best from the USA-made Newell Brands. We heard from a person locally who bought products from one of these sites. She got a notice that they are shipping from China. So ultimately, they may not arrive any sooner than waiting for Ball products.

You may want to consider an alternative product that is made in the USA. Tattler has a reusable canning lid made from BPA-free plastic. It’s been around since the mid-1970s when, coincidentally, there was a huge canning lid shortage. They can be found at: reusablecanninglids.com

Here is a short list of trusted sites to purchase Mason jars and lids once they are available:

 Stay Safe!


Founder of Mason Jars Company, makers of reCAP