Where Every Product Has a Purpose

MasonJars.com is a marketplace for products that help people live happier, healthier lives. From Mason jar accessories
to small-batch hot sauces, we're your source for high-quality, maker-made goods. With a focus on sustainability,
social responsibility, and community, we've created an eCommerce platform where every purchase directly supports
small business owners. From solo creators to grassroots manufacturers, we connect people with trusted makers.

Shop small. Shop smart. Shop sustainably.

Our Mission In a Jar

Our mission is to foster healthier communities, support small businesses, and create opportunities to shop responsibly by building an ever-growing marketplace filled with purposeful products.

With a focus on American-made, eco-friendly,
small-batch merchandise, you can feel good about shopping on MasonJars.com. Plus, we offer exclusive products you can’t find anywhere else, including Amazon and Walmart. Whether you're at home or on the go, you can always shop small,
smart, and sustainably at MasonJars.com.

A Passion for Solving Problems

In 2011, reCAP® revolutionized one of the most common household products: the Mason jar. Through this process, reCAP® and MakerPlace Inc.
CEO, Karen Rzepecki, realized that few marketplaces allowed shoppers to browse a multitude of makers while still supporting small businesses.

With a passion for solving problems, Karen began building the first seller and product-vetted marketplace, MasonJars.com.

Preserve Our World

There are no do-overs when it comes to
the health of our planet. We believe that, whether it’s how we shop, eat, and clean, the smallest changes can make a world of difference.

Inspire Positive Change

We need each other to live better—be it
by taking the time to connect with our communities, making concerted efforts to help one another, or supporting small businesses.

Encourage Innovation

Small Makers can accomplish momentous things, individuals can inspire millions, and one product can change a person's life. Our products empower your customers.

Rebuilding the Rust Belt and Beyond

While many startups locate themselves on the coasts, we've developed our marketplace in the heart of downtown Erie, PA. Rooted in the Rustbelt, we understand the value of hard work, having a trade, and developing real solutions to real problems.

Likewise, our makers don't just create for a profit; they work with purpose. From handmade crafts to home-baked goods, every product on MasonJars.com provides a solution, be it satisfying
a sweet tooth or simplifying home organization.

Furthermore, those who shop on our site are conscientious consumers. They’re shopping with purpose: to find products
that reduce waste, help them be healthier, and make them
genuinely happier.

Start Shopping Your Way

No matter where you are, you can always shop smart on MasonJars.com. Be sure to visit our best-seller page,
follow us on social media, and join our mailing list for tasty recipes, unbeatable sales, and exclusive products.

Meet the Team

Karen Rzepecki
President & Founder

Melani Scott
General Manager

Kelsey Jackson
Social Media & Merchandising

Matt Flowers
Content & SEO

Nancy Dumont

Kimmie Sweeney
Customer Service