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Welcome to Mason Jars MakerPlace, a community of people who share a passion for the home and
the experience of making things. Whether you’re a maker excited to share a product or solution that’s made a difference
in your home, or you’re in your home looking for different ways to tackle everyday needs, you’ve come to the right place.

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Mason Jars MakerPlace; Handpicked, Community, Clever Solutions


Our mission at MasonJars.com is to make it easy to find and connect with trusted Makers
passionate about home solutions. Through this community, we offer access to quality, clever home products
and DIY ideas to help inspire new ways to tackle everyday activities while having fun along the way!

Our Story

Karen Rzepecki, Founder of Mason Jars MakerPlace

We believe that making is more than just doing. Yes, DIY is part of it, but it’s so much more. Making is about passion. It’s about creativity. It’s about enjoyment. It’s about the experience. It's why we like to call it EIY (experience-it-yourself) rather than DIY (do-it-yourself.)

Through this community, we want to make DIY an enriching experience by bringing together inspiring people, purposeful products and inventive ideas to solve everyday needs around the home. All the solutions come directly from makers who are excited to share them with other curious and creative people interested in finding new, fun and approachable ways to tackle things at home.

We think there is something magical in this experience. To experiment by getting hands-on with a product or idea, and then customize it for yourself or use it to create something even more interesting and useful. That kind of innovation excites us! It's more than just getting something done. Our community thrives when these experiences are shared, celebrated and go onto spark more ideas!

This is exactly what happened to me. The Mason jar, which is probably in most of your homes, has been one of the most useful products in mine – a kitchen tool, a storage container, a soap dispenser. One of my favorite uses was to combine ingredients to make homemade dressings, but there wasn’t a great solution for shaking, pouring and storing directly from the jar, so I made one! When I created reCAP, I hadn't imagined that a food blogger could then make a fermenter from my caps. And, that a fermentation teacher would find and start using them in her classes, and eventually create a co-branded reCAP that sold thousands within a year!

This is what inspired me to create the Mason Jars Makerplace, a community and marketplace as resourceful as the Mason jar! Imagine the possibilities when you can connect with other people as passionate as you about home solutions to exchange clever products and ideas with one another. How wonderful if your idea inspires someone to experience the joy and accomplishment of making, with the potential of discovering a new solution on their own. But don't just take our word for it. Have some fun and EIY alongside us!

Mason Jars MakerPlace

And to be sure we are maximizing the joy of these experiences, we’ve taken care of the tireless work of searching for trusted makers to ensure you’re getting first quality products, directly from those makers, no knock-offs and no reseller markups. This way, you can focus on choosing the most interesting experiences without that unnecessary work and worry.

We’re so excited to be able to share the Mason Jars Makerplace with you. We can’t wait to hear about and learn from your experiences!

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