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Pennsylvania, United States
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Our Story

"It's amazing that some of these slates were on a roof for 50+ years and are still good enough to be used as a cheese board today."

State & Seasonal Shaped Slate Cutting Boards

Bison Hill Stonecrafts was born from slate, but we offer beautiful marble products as well.  We have the most expansive selection of colors, products, designs, and personalization you'll find anywhere.  You're sure to get a little extra love with your product as everything is handmade in our Waterford, Pennsylvania workshop. It gives us great pride to take used roofing slate, and recycle them into beautiful art pieces, household products, and functional decorations.

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Policies & Help

Shipping Policy

Thank you for your business! It will take anywhere from 1-3 days for us to create your product. Then another 2-4 days to ship depending on how far from Erie, PA you live. 95% of products are delivered within one week of ordering!

Refund Policy

Since everything is handmade to order we only accept refunds for defects during the creation or damage during mailing.  If you would like to cancel your order please let us know immediately and we will cancel it if we haven't started working on it yet.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Where do you get your slate?

We get our slate from local sources including slate roofers and quarries.  We try as much as possible to use reclaimed slate, but sometimes the supply just isn't enough to create all our orders.

Is slate fragile?

The short answer is... no.  The roofing slates we use last through rain, snow, hail, wind, and all of mother nature's fury for up to 100 years.  It is a tough material that will stand up to anything you put it through.


How much variation will there be in my marble board?

There will be a significant amount of variation in the veining, we can't promise any two will look the same.  Each piece of marble has it's own unique veining pattern, colors, and contrast.

Is marble fragile?

There are all sorts of Roman marble statues missing arms or legs, is my cheese board going to fall apart too?!?  No, the difference between our marble and the Roman's is 2000 years, give or take a century.  Time does a number on marble and we take great care to pick only the highest quality stone.

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