1. Pet Cave - Nooee Pet

Pet cave pet gift idea

Pets like their privacy sometimes, too! Especially during the holidays. These lightweight and comfy pet caves will surely bring a smile to any pet lover’s face. Both small dogs and cats will love this fun gift! The pet cave comes with an extra comfortable cushion that is removable. Better yet, the Pet Cave is fully washable! You can also easily zip and unzip the pet cave for easy storage and transportation.

2. Mess-Free Pet Bowl (Double) - Ono

Ono Pet dog food bowl gift

Let’s face it, the struggle is real when pets get excited about their food or water and it ends up everywhere but in their mouth. These mess and slip free pet bowls will make clean up a breeze, and keep the mess off the floor (and the bowl in place). The mat grips to any flat surface, making it difficult for paws (and tiny toddler hands) to tip over.

3. DIY Pet Care Kits - reCAP Mason Jars

Mason Jar DIY Pet Care Kits

These DIY kits truly put the love in pet lover. This gift kit includes useful Mason jar lids and accessories (2 Regular Mouth Silver reCAP FLIP lids + 1 Regular Mouth Natural reCAP ADAPTA Sprayer lid), as well as comprehensive recipes and instructions via eBOOK to create DIY solutions such as: DIY Dog Treats, Homemade Wet Dog Food Recipes, DIY Dog Shampoo, Leave-in Rosemary Conditioner, Natural Cleaning Solutions, Tips and Tricks for Natural Dog Care & more! Rabbit and Chicken care kits are also available!

4. Dog Nose Salve - Fox + Hound

Dog Nose Salve

The elements can be hard on pups who spend a lot of time outside, and even if your dog is mostly inside, inclement weather still affects certain breeds. To protect dogs everywhere, Fox + Hound, a premium, small-batch, pet-care brand developed this salve to treat and prevent dry, chapped, and bleeding dog noses. You can also use it for irritated areas around your pup's face, lips, and ears.

This salve is unscented so your dog can still hunt and explore without distraction.

5. Pet Beds - Nooee Pet

Pet bed pet gift idea

This pet bed is a wonderful and cozy hideaway for your furry friends. It’s an excellent combination of function and style. It features a removable zippered slipcover for easy cleaning. It’s filled with a super plush fiberfill that provides superior comfort for your pets. Its contemporary design blends easily with your home decor.

6. Personalized Dog Slate Christmas Ornament

Personalized Dog Slate Christmas Ornament

These personalized dog slate Christmas Ornaments from Bison Hill Stonecrafts will officially make your furry friend a part of the family Christmas Tree. They are fully customizable with 3 color options, 16 common breed options, and the ability to laser engrave names, initials, or designs. Each ornament is handmade with love and care, which is exactly what your dog deserves! 

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