Here at, we get to test each product on our site which means our pets can enjoy the perks as much as we do. Everything from ultra-durable toys to a protective paw balm goes home for meticulous testing. Need some guidance in finding the perfect gift for your dog or dog-loving friends? Our comprehensive collection of dog products features something for all your dog-loving friends.

1. Paw Balm - Rich Valley Apiary

Tester: Gibson, Saint Bernard Mix | Megan, Graphic Design + Maker Support

Gibson Paw Balm



Gibson is an off-roader. He rarely wants to stay on course. I was looking for some kind of paw protection for him, especially during the winter when snow and salt from the roads and sidewalks build up on his feet causing him to limp. However, it is great to have all year as an extra layer of protection against heat, rough surfaces, or just as a moisturizer. Rich Valley Apiary’s Paw Balm is all-natural and made from beeswax. It is completely safe for him in the event he decides to lick his paws - something I was worried about! To my surprise, he was completely unbothered by having it on and went about his usual adventure. In our house, it’s now a must-have product to keep Gibson safe and having fun all year round!

 2Dog Care Kit - reCAP Mason Jars

Tester: Max, Border Collie/Australian Shepard Mix | Kelsey, Social Media + Merchandising

dog care kit contents

Max’s pick is the reCAP Dog Care Kit. With the three products included in the reCAP Dog Care Kit I’ve found amazing solutions to my storage and stinky dog problems. I prefer to always make homemade dog treats for my dogs and struggle to find a glass container to put them in. With this kit, we received the perfect lids to go on a Mason jar to then store all their treats in. They also sometimes get a special surprise with homemade wet dog food and a Mason jar is the perfect storage solution for bulk storage. Keeping two dogs that both have long hair detangled and not smelling takes a lot of work so the sprayer is the perfect solution. 

3. Pennello for Pets - Pennello Brush

Tester: Nana, Border Collie Mix | Kelsey, Social Media + Merchandising

nana pennello pet brush



Keeping my two long-haired dogs mat free is always a challenge. If you’ve ever tried to brush a border collie/husky mix you know it’s not the easiest job in the world and finding a brush that doesn’t pull on their tangled hair isn’t easy. I am always skeptical of brushes that say they won’t pull my dog’s hair, but the Pennello brush for pets actually got out the mats without pulling and making it uncomfortable for Nana.  

 4Great Bowl - Ono

Tester: Eleanor, Doxi Min Pin Mix | Alex, Wholesale Sale Specialist

Eleanor Ono Dog Bowl



Much like a toddler in her highchair Eleanor has always been a messy and more active eater. From finding her bowl stuck behind our wine cabinet or under the kitchen cabinet. I've even seen a half-full bowl of food across the living room in the bathroom! After bringing home the Ono Medium bowl, I was worried that Eleanor would be scared or worried about the color or texture of the silicone on her paws. She was extremely timid of the new bowl at first. Still, after I had a stroke of genius, I placed one of her homemade Puppy Ice Cream Scoops into the bowl, knowing what was put into the container her fear quickly dissipated into comfort and normality. While Eleanor was happy, I was as well because her dish was still in place and not all over in my kitchen. 

5. Dog Slate Christmas Ornament - Bison Hill Stonecrafts

Tester: Leia, Frenchie Mix | Jon, Wholesale Account Specialist

Dog Christmas Ornament

Giving someone a gift is my favorite part of the holiday season! Nothing brings me more holiday spirit than finding the one item that you know is going to make someone's day. That is why when I saw I could have a Christmas tree ornament that was shaped like my dog I knew exactly what everyone on my list was getting this year. Bison Hill has a ton of breeds that you can pick and choose from, and each is customizable so you can engrave a name or message on the ornament! Also, each is made out of reclaimed and upcycled roofing slate, so it can not only look great and be very durable and strong but also do its part to reduce the amount of waste in our environment.