If your old man is anything like the other 72 million fathers in America, he probably has a pile of past Father’s Day gifts collecting dust somewhere in the basement or in his office. Not to say that he’s not grateful for the knickknacks, dodads, and ties, but to avoid adding to the mountain of department-store clutter, we’ve curated a list of 12 gifts your dad will dig—even when he claims he doesn’t want anything this year.

1. United States of America Slate Cheese Board

United States of America Cutting Board

Whether or not your pops knows what a Charcuterie board is—and how to pronounce or spell it—he's guaranteed to love this sleek, slick United States of America slate cheese board that he can stack with meats, cheeses, crackers, breads, jams, and dips galore. While a plastic cutting board could work, why not take the presentation up a notch? Plus, July 4th is right around the corner, giving him a great opportunity to show it off at the backyard grill-out.

Handcrafted from Bison Hill Stonecrafts, these patriotic cheese boards are made from reclaimed roofing slate and are multi-purpose kitchen workhorses. If you think your father is more fond of his home state, check sure to check out their Slate-State collection.

We’d also like to mention, Bison Hill Stonecrafts is throwing a 20% off sale between now and June 16!

2. The Orville Waxed Canvas Tool Roll

The Sturdy Brothers made this waxed canvas and leather tool roll with the highest-quality craftsmanship. It has 12 pockets so your dad can hold all of his go-to tools. Plus, it looks awesome and is made in America!

3. Premium Bar Soap

Premium Bar Soap

If your dad has been lathering up with the same bar of soap since the ‘70s, then this might be the gift for him. Honestly, it smells so good your mom will probably start using it too (dare we say, together?), so it may be a good idea to pick up a couple of bars. Plus, a portion of every Wilder & Co. sale goes to help a variety of wildlife conservation causes, so your dad will get the gift of smelling great and helping a great cause—a win-win for you and him.

Choose from a variety of fresh scents including:

  • Clove + Pine
  • Oakmoss + Sage
  • Pear + Vanilla
  • Pecan + Cinnamon
  • Rosemary + Thyme
  • Sandalwood + Patchouli

4. Mason jar Water Bottle

This Mason Jar Water Bottle Set from reCAP® is easy to clean, has a cool vintage look, and is eco-friendly. Whether your pops like's to kick his day off with a cold-brew coffee or a protein-packed shake, or simply a big ol' glass of water, he can always count on your Mason jar water to be the best vessel for the job.

5. Craft BBQ Collection - 3 Tins

Craft BBQ Collection - 3 Tins

Whew! Speaking of spice. Check out this BBQ spice collection from Gustus Vitae: Ancho Chile Sea Salt, Garlic Pepper Rub, and Red Cayenne Sea Salt. These flavor profiles work well with just about every kind and cut of meat.

The Ancho Chile Sea Salt has a smokey and slightly sweet flavor profile that carries with it a lingering heat that’s meant to pull out the heartiness in red meats. The Garlic Pepper Rub is chock-full of zesty garlic flavor, which is great on anything from steak and chicken to eggs and potatoes. If you feel like cranking up the heat, the Red Cayenne Sea Salt is deliciously charged to help maximize flavor in guacamole, flame-grilled chicken, or marinades.

You want to hear the best part? These spice containers have a magnetic back, so you can stick the tins to any metal surface for easy access. Finally, Gustus Vitae’s spices are certified non-GMO, handpicked, all natural, and nut, soy, dairy, sugar, and gluten-free.

6. Wood Engraved American Flag Hip Flask

Every guy should have a flask, period. Wait. Scratch that. Everybody should have a flask—and this one in particular. This shabby-chic flask from WUDN. Whether you’re relaxing at your in-home bar or exploring the great outdoors, this American Flag Series Flask is a great accessory to compliment all of your favorite beverages. Our American Flag Series is made from 100% real wood locally sourced, cut, and crafted right here in the United States.

7. Armstrong's Reclaimed Cigar Box Shoe Shine Kit

Armstrong's Reclaimed Cigar Box Shoe Shine Kit

Does Padre need to freshen up his shoes? These restored, reclaimed, upcycled cigar boxes from Armstrong’s All Naturals are brimming with leather and shoe care products. More specifically, each box contains a buffing brush, dauber, and three additional products of your choosing upon adding the item to your cart.

But while most shoe-care products are loaded with cheap petroleum by-products and filler chemicals, Armstrong's All Naturals uses a proprietary, all-natural wax formula. If your dad’s dress shoes are boots, that’s cool, too. Armstrong’s also supplies leather conditioners, butcher block wax, saddle soap, and a whole slew of other killer items.

9. Magnetic DropCatch Bottle Opener

Magnetic DropCatch Bottle Opener

For some inexplicable reason, beer just tastes better in a bottle. Perhaps your pops agrees. However, the whole task of popping the bottle can be a real buzzkill. For that reason, pick up the DropCatch Bottle Opener. It opens all bottle types and collects the caps so you don’t have to.

The DropCatch is a great gift for that beer connoisseur in your life. The bottle opener can be magnetically mounted or wall mounted. The standard bottle opener (as pictured) holds over 40 bottle caps. But more importantly, each bottle opener is handcrafted and tough enough to last for generations—so who knows, he might even consider passing this gift down to you.

10. Workingman’s Cake

The Workingman's Cake

These sweet treats are for the working man. And, believe it or not, these delectable treats are baked to order. Wrapped in old school butcher paper, it travels well. But it’s the actual design of the cake that is so impressive. With the icing on the inside, it transports well, and is rugged enough to be tossed around in a briefcase or backpack.

Each cake is handcrafted by a licensed home processing baker at The Workingman’s Cake. It’s a no fuss, no mess, on-the-go sweet treat. It also comes in a variety of flavors and different icing flavors, so your dad is bound to find something that will satisfy his sweet tooth!

11. Gin & Tonic Kit

This gin and tonic kit includes all of the spices and herbs your dad needs to create three compound gin bottles and three quarts of tonic syrup. He can choose his own vodka and sweetener to customize it to his own tastes or dietary needs. Just add lime and sparkling water to make your very own home-crafted gin and tonic.

12. Beeman’s Beard Oil/Balm

Beeman's Beard Oil/Balm

Is your dad looking like a wild man these days? Try Beeman’s Beard Oil from Rich Valley Apiary. Not only will it condition his beard, but it’ll moisturize his face.

This stuff is the real deal—or should we say, the bee's knees! Owners, Ryan and Brandi Magaro started as beekeepers in 2011. Everything they make—which includes a variety of balms, rubs, soaps, and lotions—is created with the finest natural ingredients. The honey and beeswax used in their products are collected from their treatment-free hives. So buzz on over and check out Beeman’s Beard Oil.

Shop Small for Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, shop somewhere special by visiting at MasonJars.com. From cutting boards to chili oils, we have a wide selection of items we think your pops might enjoy. Plus, every purchase you make directly supports small makers and artists around the country.