1. DIY Mozzarella Cheese Kit - Urban Cheesecraft

DIY Mozzarella Cheese Kit

Give the gift of fresh, homemade Mozzarella cheese! This DIY cheese kit allows you to make fresh, gourmet Mozzarella cheese in the comfort of your own kitchen. Can’t get much fresher than that! Dairy-free and vegan cheese kits are also available. 

2. Reusable Glass Straw Gift Set - Simply Straws

Simply Straws Reusable straws gift set

Be a part of the growing reusable straw trend! Not only do these straws help save the environment, but they’re also convenient and look great! This gift set includes a reusable glass straw, a Mason jar lid, and a cleaning brush.

3. Kaya Teapots - Maia Ming Designs

Kaya Teapots

These Kaya Teapots are as ergonomic as they are elegant. Maia Ming Designs makes them in stoneware with a unique, soft-touch silicone surface. In Japan, the word "Kaya" means "under the willow tree" and also translates as "a place of rest." Help loved ones create simple moments during the holidays where they can savor a well-brewed cup of tea.

The Kaya teapot is the gold winner of the 2018 HCZ Cup.

4. reCAP Mason Jars POUR Lid - reCAP Mason Jars

reCAP Mason Jars Pour Lid Gift

Make Mason jars more useful with reCAP! This multi-functional, reusable cap fits Standard sized mouth Mason jars. Perfect for on-the-go drinks and snacks, reCAP POUR can be used for convenient storage and home organization. Shake, Pour, & Store! reCAP Mason Jars Aperitivo Gift Set also makes a great gift for holiday gatherings and parties. Give someone the gift of entertaining!

5. Rich Simple Syrup Collection - Blank Slate Kitchen

Simple Syrup Gift Idea

These award-winning simple syrups will be the sugar on top of your holiday gatherings. Blank Slate Kitchen’s simple syrups make for an intriguing and satisfying addition to your cocktails, desserts, and breakfasts. Flavors include Black Pepper, Palm Sugar, and Bird’s Eye Chili. You can even add a Hudson & Lee Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker to make it a gift set!

6. Frywall

Frywall gift

Frywall lets you cook what you love without worrying about the mess. From burgers to tofu, spinach to marinara, Frywall keeps the sizzle in the pan and the spills and splatter off your stovetop. Frywall comes in 3 sizes that will fit small, medium, and large pans. Blank Slate Kitchen’s Szechuan Chili Oil would be a great addition to make Frywall a tasty gift set for cooking enthusiasts.

7. Mason Jar Cupcake Holder - Bloom Displays

Bloom Display Cupcakes Gift Idea

Bloom Displays make a great visual (and tasty) addition to any holiday gathering... Each holder can hold 7 cupcakes (or muffins!) and can fit on both regular and wide-mouth Mason jars.

8. Gourmet Spices and Sugars - Gustus Vitae

Gustas Vitae Sugars and Spices gift

Not your ordinary spices. Gustus Vitae creates unique blends of gourmet sugars and spices. Some of the many flavors available include Vanilla Bean Cane Sugar, Snickerdoodle Cane Sugar, Raspberry Chocolate Cane Sugar, and All The Berries Cane Sugar. All the sugars and spices come in unique magnetic containers for easy keeping. Add some new flavors to Holiday cookies, meals, and more!

9. Holiday Tea Towels - Loomination

Holiday towel gift

Woven in a seemingly random pattern, the Modern Stripe Tea Towels are one of Loomination's newest designs! The tea towels are made with super absorbent 100% unmercerized cotton, woven for use and to stand up to wear. Use to line a basket of rolls, as a hand towel in a guest bath, or give as a memorable hostess or housewarming gift!

10. Mason Jar Shaped Cheese Board - Bison Hill Stonecrafts

Cheese Slate Board Mason Jar Gift Idea

These slate plates from Bison Hill Stonecrafts are handcrafted from reclaimed roofing slate and are multi-purpose kitchen workhorses. You can use them for food prep as a cutting board, and then for food presentation as a cheese board or veggie serving tray. It’ll make a handy gift that can be used during holiday events and parties (and beyond)!

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