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  • reCAP Kids EXPLORE Goin' Explorin' Gift Set Glow Green
  • reCAP Kids EXPLORE Goin' Explorin' Gift Set Glow Blue
  • Exploring Nature
  • Experiencing the Outdoors
  • Finding them together
  • Catch them!
  • A must-have gift for curious kids!
  • Inspire the adventure!
  • Catch me. Watch me. Let me go!
  • Convenient green carrying handle
  • It GLOWS!
  • Flips open

reCAP Kids EXPLORE Bug Catcher + Book Gift Set



The first ever glow-in-the-dark, magnifying Mason jar bug catcher! Explorers can easily view, catch, and release critters with the Bug Catcher’s magnifying Mason jar lid with breathing holes. The magnifying cap comes with a safe, lightweight, and flexible replaceable plastic jar and a convenient carrying handle. Also included are the Goin’ Explorin’ Storybook and free Activity Book download to inspire learning and adventure!

Glow-in-the-dark magnifying lid: The ‘flip-open’ Mason jar lid with breathing holes allows captured critters to be easily viewed and released.

Safe, lightweight, and flexible replaceable plastic jar: Explorers can use the plastic jar included, but the EXPLORE lid will also fit any regular mouth Mason jar. (Read: FAQs Q5 for other compatible Jars)

Goin' Explorin' storybook: a 64 page illustrated story about two wide-eyed young explorers who meet and embark upon an adventure of discovery.  Along the journey, the two friends light up the night by catching fireflies in a Mason jar.

Award-winning:  Winner of the Product of the Year Award in the Educational Science Products category by Creative Child Magazine

Eco-friendly: reCAP supports 1% for the Planet and donates 1% of reCAP EXPLORE sales to participating organizations like Environment Erie.

Made in the USA

"Catch me. Watch me. Let me go! "


creative-child-award2.pngreCAP Mason Jars and 1% for the planet

About Goin' Explorin':

• Age Range:  6 - 10 years
Grade Level:  1st grade and up
Board Book:  64 pages
Publisher:  Mason Jars Company (2014)
Language:  English

reCAP Mason Jars Made in the USA in Erie, PA reCAP Mason Jars BPA Free Safe Plastic







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  1. Connor and Cody

    Posted by Elsie Fetzer on 7th Jun 2016

    My grandchildren 7 and 3 love their bug jar!! No report on how they like Explorin or activity book so will report at a later time.

  2. This is a delightful book!

    Posted by Nancy Andersen on 24th Mar 2016

    It's an early reader chapter book of realistic fiction, set at the time of Stephen Ryan's seventh birthday. Stephen, called Ryan by his father, his full name by his mother and SR by his Papa, is feeling the desire for independence befitting a seven-year-old. He likes to explore the family's country property by himself, and has many adventures during his explorations, including some startling moments.
    What makes this book delightful are the wonderful themes, the positive ideals presented. Among these are the family relationships, especially the one between SR and his Papa, the proper treatment of plants and animals, and the value of spending time outdoors.
    Papa spends time with SR and teaches him about nature; his parents support his interests with their birthday gifts. Papa shows him how to catch fireflies, briefly keep them in a special jar, then release them unharmed, teaching respect for nature. Stephen's outdoor explorations are good for his mind and body. Excellent! Both the relationships between the characters, and the themes in this book are so important that should return in a sequel. Also, they lend themselves well to a series.
    Readers ready for chapter books will enjoy the uncluttered text, a few fun vocabulary words, and Stephen Ryan's original songs. They will like finding out the origin of the book's title.

  3. Fun & Droppable!

    Posted by Melissa S. on 24th Mar 2016

    The EXPLORE is a 32 oz. mason jar made of plastic. Translation: it’s light and completely droppable!"

    The base of the lid glows in the dark making it more fun and useful during night explorations and the attached handle is perfect for little hands.


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