Mason Jar Mavens

    Introducing the newest members of the family!

These two adorable characters have joined our Mason Jar Mavens to officially kick-off reCAP Kids!  Meet Mae & Sonny!


Meet the Mavens!


 Maven n. noun: A person who has special knowledge or experience; an expert.

We’re amazed at how many people around the world love Mason jars! Here are a few of our friends that really capture the essence of why Mason jars are not only very popular, but so incredibly versatile and multi-functional…for everyone! These 5 characters helped us launch our Kickstarter campaign for the reCAP Flip.  


FAVORITE reCAP Flip Use: Sifting flour onto clean surfaces

Erica has been tending to chickens and hatching her own creations since way before the urban homesteader movement took off. Alongside her blue-ribbon winning chicken, Meryl Peep, she enjoys micro-farming and finding the freshest ingredients at local markets. Whether making bread, fermenting veggies, or canning her latest batch of jam, Erica uses Mason jars every day of the year.


FAVORITE reCAP Flip Use: Storing and shaking out chia seeds

Gaia is ‘one’ with the Earth, and she knows that making small choices can have a big impact on our planet. This nature goddess reuses and re-purposes Mason jars so that she can fall asleep peacefully knowing that her actions make a difference – whether as an on-the-go water bottle to eliminate plastic waste or as a way to minimize packaging and store bulk foods like grains and rice.


FAVORITE reCAP Flip Use: Storing lemon, lime, and orange wedges at the bar

J.D. has a passion for the nostalgic, from mixing up classic cocktails like the Sazerac in his exposed brick apartment, to finding vintage treasures at the local open market. His personal style and his choice in glassware are a harmonious mix of old meets new, which is why Mason jars are ideal for storing perishable bar items, dispensing simple syrup, and straining muddled herbs in spirited concoctions.


FAVORITE reCAP Flip Use: Storing & meticulously dispensing food for her fish, fondly named, #3

For this minimalist, less isn’t more, but better. Prue's apartment, style, and existence are based on simplicity. Her daily routines may seem superfluously neurotic to most, but Prue swears by her very small collection of Mason jars that organize and efficiently store her everyday needs like cotton balls and cotton swabs.


FAVORITE reCAP Flip Use: Quickly getting to her favorite snacks, peanut butter and candy

A grandmother with a mission, Gert doesn’t pinch cheeks, but rather, pennies…and lots of them.   To say that she ‘buys in bulk’ is an exaggerated understatement – if it’s on sale, she’s ready with Mason jars to fill and store in her cupboard. Her fat cat, Lola Coupon, typically joins her at garage sales, flea markets, and blue light specials. An avid extreme couponer, Gert knows how to stretch a dime to the max.


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