Do It Yourself Fermentation with our latest Mason Jars Lid Accessory!

Introducing The reCAP® Fermenter: the EASIEST waterless airlock set that ferments and stores culinary creations that are delicious and good for your health. For both regular mouth and wide mouth Mason jars.  This tried and tested solution is simple to use, with less pieces and steps, and better results than traditional methods and current Mason jar fermenting tools that we’ve tested.

reCAP® Fermentation is different. We wanted a low-profile, waterless airlock that had an authentic one-way valve to let gases escape and absolutely not let air in.  Something that eliminated the need to monitor the fermenting jars every day, but made it easy to peek in and taste when desired. We wanted something that could easily convert to plain storage to put in the refrigerator when complete. The reCAP Fermenter makes fermentation AND storage easier and more fun. From sauerkraut to kimchi, kefir to kombucha, we encourage you to Make It Yours and we think you’ll love it!


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