Q1. Where are reCAP Mason jars lids made?                                                                                        

A1. Erie PA USA – Our Mason jar lids are made start to finish from design, manufacture and fulfillment!

Q2.  Does reCAP Mason Jars have a patent?

A2. Yes, reCAP® Mason jar lids have patent No. US D682,612 S as well as patents pending.

Q3. What are the Mason jar lids made of?

A3. The reCAP Mason jar lids are specifically designed to be BPA/BPS-free, freezer-proof and dishwasher safe. Made of FDA-approved BPA/BPS-free number “5” Polypropylene plastic. While it is not the organically-derived (i.e. plant/bio-based) plastic typically used in disposable products, it is recommended as the safest choice for food and beverages.

Q4. If the Mason jar lids are made of plastic, then how can they be eco-friendly?

A4. reCAP® Mason jar lids are considered “smart” plastic.  They are not disposable and reCAP is guaranteed to be long lasting.  The lids allow you to reuse glass Mason jars in unique and sustainable ways that eliminate the need for plastic bottles or containers.

Q5. What size Mason Jars do the Mason jar lids fit on?

A5.  reCAP® Mason jar lids fit regular mouth Mason Jars (2.5" or 70mm continuous thread) and wide mouth Mason Jars (3" or 86mm continuous thread).  Not all jars that have "Mason" embossed on them are the standard size or screw thread.  Also be mindful, jar volume does not determine the mouth size of the jar.  

Example of a continuous thread:                    Example of a lug/twist (NOT a Mason jar):

ct-jar.png                      lug-jar.png


 Q6. My Mason jar lid leaks, what is the problem?

A6. First make sure that there is a gasket inside and it is lying flat.  Then make sure the lid is threaded straight on the jar (not askew) and tighten.   Double check the fit is tight!   Some Mason jars may not successfully seal due to severe variations.  Older Mason jars especially may have been altered or are non-standard.   Since these will not be 100% leak-proof on every jar variation, keep in mind that they are also great for dried goods and pantry items as well! 

Q7.  Why is the flipper on the WM pour cap is hinged differently

A.7.  The wide-mouth POUR Mason jar lid has a quick release flipper.  It is easy to remove and replace.

Q8. Can I use my Mason jar lid for canning or in the microwave?

A8. No, reCAP® Mason jar lids and most plastic are not to be used in canning or microwaving. 

Q9. Can I put my Mason jar lid in the dishwasher?

A9. Yes. While it is not recommended to heat plastic, reCAP® POUR Mason jar lids can be washed on the top rack dishwashers. Hand-washing with a mild soap is preferred and recommended to extend the lid’s life.

Q10. Can I remove the gasket for cleaning?

A10. Yes, gaskets are easy to clean by hand or in the top rack of a dishwasher. We also sell replacement gaskets if needed. Purchase Replacement Gaskets

Q11. Will the reCAP Mason jar lid stain?

 A11. Independent Lab testing show that the lids are stain resistant.

Q12. My Mason jar lid is stuck on my jar, how can I get it off?

A12. Sometimes lids can be a little stubborn, try using the pour spout as leverage with your thumb and opening the flip lid to reduce potential vacuum pressure.  If it’s still a little tricky, fill the jar with hot water and let it sit upside down for a minute before trying to remove the lid.  New gaskets can also be purchased if the gaskets are worn.  

Q13.  How do you get the pump to pop up on the Adapta Pump?

A13.  With the ADPTA cap on the Mason jar, hold the jar and twist the plunger counter clockwise until it pops up.  The pump has this feature so that the product inside the Mason jar won’t accidentally squirt while being transported.

Q14. I’m having a difficult time opening the ‘flipper’ on my reCAP POUR Mason jar lid, how can I open it easier?

A14. If the flipper lid is difficult to close or open, try adding a drop of cooking oil on your finger-tip and lubricating around the edge/sides of the closure.  You should only have to do this one time, and the problem will be resolved, even after washing the cap.  

Q15. How do I get my local store to carry reCAP products?

A15. We are always looking to grow and would love to see more stores carrying our products.  Please feel free to bring a reCAP Mason Jar lid into your local store and have them contact our sales representative at Sales@masonjars.com.

Q16. If I purchase a lot of Mason jar lids can I get a discount?  

A16. Yes, we provide bulk discounts on our 10-packs.  This includes free US delivery and is a great value!  If you own or represent a company that is interested in selling reCAP® Mason jar lids, please create an account and submit a wholesale application.

Q17.  Why don't you make the pink or some of the other color caps anymore?

A17.  Certain colors are limited edition.  Check back periodically to see if we are offering any new limited-edition colors!

Q18. How can I recycle the Mason jar lid once I am done with it?

A18. Most local recycle agencies now take #5 Polypropylene. If not, contact your local agency for information on recycling. 

 Q19. Are Classico jars Mason jars?

 A19. Yes*! The Classico red sauce and Riserva are packaged in Mason jars, however you cannot use these jars for canning.  Other Classico jars are not Mason jars, even though it is embossed on the jar. 

Q20. Can reCAP be used for sprouting seeds like alfalfa or broccoli?

A20. Many of our fans and customers use the FLIP with the ACCESSORIES for sprouting.  The smaller screen hole is .125" and the larger screen hole is .300".  

 Q21. What materials are used to make the fermentation items?

A21. The stopper is made from natural latex rubber.  The one-way valve is made from polypropylene. Both are FDA approved and made in the USA.

Q22. How does the waterless airlock work & how do you clean it?

 A22. The waterless airlock is a one-way valve.  It allows gases or liquids to flow in only one direction.  The purpose of the airlock is to allow carbon dioxide gas to flow out of the jar and prevent oxygen (or anything else) from flowing into the jar.

We recommend cleaning the airlock by hand with mild soap.  Since it’s a one-way valve, water will only flow in the direction of the arrow on the airlock.  Make sure to run water through the airlock to get all the soap out.

Q23. How is the reCAP fermenter different from other fermenters? What else can I use this kit for?

A23. Unlike most other fermentation products, reCAP includes a low-profile, waterless airlock.  Some of the benefits are: 

1. No need to monitor the water level. 
2. The 3-piece airlock is made from a brittle plastic that can easily break. The reCAP fermenter is almost indestructible. 
3. The reCAP fermenter is much easier to clean. 
4. The reCAP fermenter is a much lower profile, therefore it better fits on shelves.

In addition, there are many uses for a waterless airlock!  It can be used to store your coffee to keep fresh, brew small batches of beer, and more. 

Q24. Why did I receive my fermenters unassembled?

A24.     The fermenters come unassembled so that you can easily wash the pieces prior to your first use!  When assembling look for the small arrow and have it point up.

Q25. Do you donate to charities or fundraising events?

A25. We believe in giving back and we're passionate to make the world a better place.  As part of our company planning process we make yearly commitments to specific organizations.  Due to the large number of requests for fundraising donations, we will not be able to support additional inquiries.  We applaud your interest in our charitable efforts!

Q26. Is the packaging recyclable?

 A26. Yes, the packaging is recyclable, reusable and all the kraft packaging is compostable.

*If you have any more questions that you feel have not been answered on this page, please feel free to contact us at contact@masonjars.com*





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