Valentine’s Day Care kit in a Mason jar

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Featuring the reCAP POUR Mason jar lid and Bormioli Mason jar

Make the special lady in your life feel appreciated. A great DIY Mason jar gift for spouses, teachers, and moms!

To me, Valentine’s day has always been about showing the special people in my life that they are loved and appreciated. Rather than buying a shiny gift or pre-made care kit, you can DIY in a Mason jar! Simply fill the jar with items below, decorate, and cap off with a red FLIP or POUR Mason jar lid! After the gifts inside are enjoyed, the Mason jars with Mason jar lids can be repurposed as salad dressing containers, water bottles, pantry storage, or whatever her heart desires!

Care Kit Materials:

A Mason jar

red FLIP or POUR Mason jar lid

Lip Balm (We used organic lip balm by Eos)

Specialty Tea Bags (we used fair-trade)

Argan Oil Hair Conditioner Sample (or a face mask, lotion, etc.)

Bag of Hershey Kisses

Bath Bomb

Other ideas include: Mini nail filers, nail polish, face scrub

Optional Decoration ideas:

Festive Ribbon

Confetti or tissue paper

Adhesive felt heart


Fill your jar up with all of the treats! Lip balms, specialty tea bags, nail polish and filers, face masks, travel sized lotions, bath bombs, and small chocolates make great additions!

A bath bomb makes a nice addition and you can buy them in packs of four (two for the recipient, and two for you!) I wrapped mine in tissue paper to protect it and add some extra pizzaz to my Mason jar gift.

Cap off the jar with reCAP FLIP or POUR Mason jar lid! 

Ready to get started? Order a FLIP or POUR Mason jar lid here, or stock up on a 10 packs to cover every special person in your life!

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