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From tadpoles to pizza parties, #whatwillyourecap?

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1. Cold brew coffee protein drink by Daniel Cook

2. Green Smoothie by thebarefootceliac

3. Sauerkraut by Fran Haapanen

4.  Wild Garlic Kimchi by Annette at 2tech

5. Rainy day Kids EXPLORE session by the Van Riper Family

6. DIY Cleaning Solution by Seacoastmama

7. Pizza party by Ruth Merriam

8. Tadpole adventures by Annette at 2tech

What are our reCAP fans up to this spring? Everything from catching tadpoles to hosting pizza parties. The possibilities with reCAP are endless!

Show us your reCAP Mason jar creations by tagging us in your photos with the hashtag #whatwillyourecap


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