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Reduce Plastic Waste with reCAP Mason Jars

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Our Oceans, Our Future

World Ocean’s Day encourages solutions to eliminate plastic pollution and prevent marine litter for a healthier ocean and a better future. Plastic is uniquely problematic because it’s not biodegradable and therefore sticks around for a lot longer (up to 1,000 years longer!) than other forms of trash. And we're not just talking about people dumping their garbage overboard. Around 80 percent of marine litter actually originates on land—either swept in from the coastline or carried to rivers from the streets during heavy rain via storm drains and sewer overflows.

One of the best things we can do to protect our ocean is try to keep as much plastic as possible out of it the first place. With just a few small actions, you can have a big impact.

Here’s how you can reduce the world’s plastic waste by using reCAP:

Ditch the plastic water bottles.

Use a reCAP POUR and Mason jar instead! Here are some natural flavored water ideas.

Limit buying soap, shampoo, and other self-care items that come in plastic bottles:

Save money and make DIY, chemical-free options such as Lemon Grass Lavender hand soap, or a Peppermint Sugar Scrub.

  • A jelly jar + reCAP FLIP makes a convenient lotion, bath salt, or balm container.
  • A pint jar+ reCAP Adapta Pump works well for soaps.


Reduce plastic waste from household cleaner containers: Make your own DIY cleaning solutions! Here’s a Scented Vinegar Solution and a Homemade Shower Cleaner.

Buy In Bulk.

Buy items such as coffee grounds, sugar, pastas, cereals, in bulk. You can easily store them with our reCAP FLIP and POUR lids! Large Mason jars work well for storage, while a pint jar works best for items used more frequently.

Other ideas:

Substitute Plastic Baggies for reCAPs or Bee’s Wraps.

Instead of using sandwich bags for trail mixes and snacks, use a reCAP FLIP cap! For sandwiches, try out our friend Bee's Wraps reusable sandwich wraps.

Bring your own reusable utensils

Bring your own reusable utensils with you to restaurants and barbecues. To-Go Ware’s colorful holder with bamboo utensils makes it easy to slip a set into your purse or car.

​Eco-friendly Lunchtime Solutions: Reusable Sandwich Wraps, Bamboo Utensils, and more!

Make lunchtime healthier and more eco-friendly with Bee's Wrap, Koffie Straw, U Konserve, To-Go Ware, and reCAP Mason Jars. This Earth Day, reCAP has teamed up with other companies who have a passion for the planet and want to make lunchtime more eco-friendly. Whether you pack your lunch every day or go out to eat with coworkers, here are some [...]

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Press Release: reCAP Kids Inspires Earth Day Learning & Fun

reCAP Kids Inspires Earth Day Learning & Fun with Bug Catcher For release: April 22, 2016ERIE, PA – In the spirit of Earth Day, reCAP Kids introduces the EXPLORE Bug Catcher, the world’s first ever glow-in-the-dark magnifying cap for Mason jars.This innovative twist on a time-honored tradition is the result of reCAP Mason Jars Founder, Karen Rzepecki’s own memories catching [...]

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Multipurpose Tags Now Available!

Earlier this year, we launched our new packaging, made of Green Certified™ canvas paper, right here in Erie, PA. With much thought into the design, functionality, and aesthetic, we sought to create packaging without glue, plastic, or staples, but easy to open, light to ship, and the list goes on and on.   We knew we [...]

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A New Look for reCAP®

We take packaging seriously – it’s part of our responsibility to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Our new packaging is made of Green Seal (TM) Certified Paper, no staples or glue, and is Number "5" recyclable.Inside, you'll find a few surprises - cut-outs to use yourself or share with others.  And, because our passion [...]

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