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Thanksgiving Leftover Storage with reCAP Mason Jars

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Have extra Mason jars on hand? Round them up for your Thanksgiving leftovers!

Mason jars plus reCAP Mason Jar lids make perfect storage containers for Thanksgiving leftovers! Easily store and refrigerate gravies, stuffing, squash, finger foods, and other delicious goodies.

The POUR lid works very well for storing and pouring gravies and homemade broths in particular. The FLIP lid (now $2 off per lid!*) is also very versatile and works well for dry foods like trail mixes or foods you want to eat directly from the jar later with a spoon (like take-to-work mashed potatoes, soups, or pureed squash!)

Take advantage of our $2 off FLIP sale or stock up on 10 packs of reCAP Mason Jar lids* today!

*Our lids are freezer safe and made with BPA-free food grade plastic!

* FLIPs in Fall colors are now $2


Golden Soup (recipe from, quinoa, fig preserves, and homemade lemonade!

Photo by The Mighty Mrs.

Karen’s Homemade Broth

Karen shares how she makes broth and uses reCAP Mason jar lids.

While making Thanksgiving dinner, I'm preparing for the next day's soup. After washing the vegetables, I have a bag ready to catch all the peelings and ends. (Yes you can use carrot tops, they are not poisonous. No do not eat raw slices of potato. They are toxic. When in doubt, google it.) Set the bag in the refrigerator or a cool place.

Once the meat is off the turkey, place the carcass in a deep stock pot and cover with water. I put in the leftover neck and drumsticks too. Toss in the veggie trimmings (and herbs such as thyme and rosemary) and bring to a boil. Then simmer on medium-low heat for 2-3 hours, occasionally stirring and pulling meat off the bone. Let it cool for an hour then put a sieve on a large Mason jar and pour the stock into the jar. Put the stock, fresh or leftover veggies and meat back into the cleaned out stock pot and make the most delicious turkey soup ever! After lunch, reCAP the soup in a Mason jar and store in the fridge.

Fall Harvest Kraut Ferment

A fantastic fall ferment for the holidays! Add some flavorful fruit twists to a classic Kraut ferment with apples, ginger, and oranges

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Fall Fig and Cinnamon Smoothie with reCAP Mason Jar lids

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Mason Jar Whipped Cream Hack with reCAP

How to use a Mason jar and reCAP FLIP lid to make DIY whipped creamThis Mason jar whipped cream hack is super easy and requires just a few ingredients. What we love about using the reCAP FLIP is that you can easily serve your whipped cream right away, or store and refrigerate for later!As you can [...]

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Garlic Whiz-Bang Dressing featuring the reCAP POUR

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Mason Jar Treats for Canine Companions

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The World's Best Mason Jar Hack + Fiesta Mason Jar Salad

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One of a Kind and Eco-Friendly Mason Jar Gifts

Featuring reCAP® POURs and FLIPsFilled with festive holiday treats, the humble Mason jar can transform into a thoughtful, versatile, and eco-friendly holiday gift. Cap your gift off with a reCAP FLIP or POUR and it can be repurposed long after the contents are consumed and the holiday decorations are tucked away. With dozens of Mason jar related gift ideas on the [...]

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Recipe: White Fig Balsamic Vinaigrette

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Recipe: Pear Cardamom Egg Nog Smoothie

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