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​Eco-friendly Lunchtime Solutions: Reusable Sandwich Wraps, Bamboo Utensils, and more!

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Make lunchtime healthier and more eco-friendly with Bee's Wrap, Koffie StrawU Konserve, To-Go Ware, and reCAP Mason Jars.

This Earth Day, reCAP has teamed up with other companies who have a passion for the planet and want to make lunchtime more eco-friendly. Whether you pack your lunch every day or go out to eat with coworkers, here are some handy tools to “go green” at lunchtime.

Eco-friendly Lunchtime Solutions:

Bee's Wrap

Worldwide more than one million plastic bags are used every minute. Every year Americans throw away 100 billion plastic bags. Instead of using these disposable sandwich bags at lunchtime, consider a reusable option such as Bee's Wrap.

Bee's Wrap is the "new" old-fashioned alternative to plastic for food storage. Made with organic cotton muslin infused with beeswax, Bee's Wrap is an eco-friendly option that keeps your food fresher for longer. You can wrap cheese, fruit, breads, sandwiches, or even cover a bowl. Bee's Wrap lasts for up to a year with proper care and regular usage. Plus, their brightly colored wraps make lunch a bit more cheerful!

Tip: When dining out, eliminate styrofoam waste by bringing a Bee’s Wrap with you to take leftovers home!

Koffie Straws

Over 500 million plastic straws are used each day in the United States. To put that number into perspective, that amount of straws could fill more than 46,400 school buses every year! These short-lived tools are usually dropped into a garbage can with no further thought, instantly becoming a source of plastic pollution. In addition, drinking hot beverages with these disposable plastic straws is a hazard for your health, since disposable straws contain BPA.

Luckily, Koffie Straw provides a “stylish secret weapon to enjoy your coffee and love your smile” while protecting our planet. Made from silicone and 100% reusable, Koffie Straws are an attractive option for lunchtime coffee and other beverages. You can smile knowing you’re eliminating about 584 straws (the average person’s straw waste per year) and keeping your teeth white in the process.

U Konserve Icepacks

U Konserve has multiple products to make lunchtime greener. One of our favorites are their brightly colored icepacks. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the cover is moisture resistant and machine washable! Plus, the gel-pack is nontoxic and safe. Beyond keeping your lunch chilly, these icepacks can be used in a variety of ways, from keeping baby bottles cold, to comforting little one’s boos boos.

To-Go Ware RePEaT Bamboo Utensil Set

Did you know that most disposable plastic cutlery can’t be recycled? You can do your part to eliminate plastic utensil waste by carrying reusable utensils in your lunchbox purse, or car to use at take-out restaurants. To-Go Ware makes doing so easy and stylish: Just slip a set into your purse or backpack!

Attractive and versatile, To-Go Ware’s RePEaT bamboo utensil set and colorful utensil holder are perfect for lunches on the go. The bamboo flatware and chopsticks are lightweight, strong, and long lasting, as well as heat and stain resistant. And here’s our favorite part- RePEaT utensil holders give plastic bottles a second shot at a useful life and an opportunity to stay out of our landfills, since they are made out of RPET (recycled PET plastic- hence the name “RePEat”).

Aside from lunches, the set is perfect for life on-the-go. The handy carabiner on the back lets you clip and carry a fork, knife, spoon and chopsticks wherever you may roam.

reCAP Mason Jar Lids

reCAP POUR and FLIP Mason Jar lids

Made from BPA-free, FDA-approved “no break” plastic, reCAP Mason jar lids last a lifetime and transform your Mason jars into many lunchtime solutions. From on-the-go smoothies, to soup and salad storage, Mason jars are made more useful (and food storage is made more convenient!) with reCAP. Since reCAP Mason jar lids fit many brands of Mason jars, you can repurpose jars you already have.

Over time, these few small swaps- disposable lunch ware for reusable lunch ware- can have a huge impact on reducing plastic waste! Ready to do your part to “go green” for lunchtime? Right click and save our Eco-friendly Lunchtime Cheat Sheet.

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