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​​Celebrate the 4th of July with all-American Mason jar style!

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14 Ideas for the 4th of July

Besides using Mason jars for patriotic centerpieces and beverages, you can transform them into lanterns, single-serve desserts, utensil holders, condiment dispensers, and more. Check out these 14 Mason jar ideas for the 4th of July:

Dressings and Condiments:

1. Condiment Dispenser (reCAP Adapta Pump + Mason jar)

Easily serve and store DIY condiments! Get an Adapta Pump here.

2.Small Batch Marinades (reCAP POUR + Mason jar)

Get the recipes and instructions.

3.Salad Dressings (reCAP regular mouth POUR + Mason jar)

There are tons of salad dressing recipes out there, but this Garlic Whiz-Bang is our favorite.


4.Berry Bellini (Mason jars + POUR or FLIP)

Watch our video to learn how to shake up your own Bellinis!

5.Lemonade Whiskey (Mason jars + POUR or FLIP)

A super simple summertime favorite. Get the recipe.

6.Sparkling Arnold Palmer

Checkout this recipe by the Mighty Mrs.

7. Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris (FLIPs, straws, and Mason jars)

Get the recipe.


8. DIY Whipped Cream

View our video to learn how! All you need is a few ingredients.

9. No Bake Lemon Cheesecake (Jelly Jars. Recipe: Love, Create, Celebrate)

10.  Blackberry Crisp in a Jar (Jelly Jars. Recipe: This Gal Cooks)

11. Peanut butter Pie Cups (Jelly Jars. Recipe: Bake At Midnite)

Crafts and Activities:

12. Star Spangled Lanterns (Source: Addictedto DIY)

Light up the night with these adorable lanterns.

13. Painted Utensil Holder (Source: It All Started With Paint)

14. Catch Some Fireflies

Need an activity for the little ones? Inspire learning and adventure with our reCAP Kid’s EXPLORE Bug Catcher.

Gift A Day: For Your Crafty Friend

Inspire the creative spirit of your crafty friends who perhaps haven't thought of this fun way to personalize a Mason jar!   Add supplies like craft paint and brushes to the reCAP Blue Pint Jar with Regular Mouth Silver Pour Cap.  The jar can be used to store treats, mix and serve up cocktails, or as [...]

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Multipurpose Tags Now Available!

Earlier this year, we launched our new packaging, made of Green Certified™ canvas paper, right here in Erie, PA. With much thought into the design, functionality, and aesthetic, we sought to create packaging without glue, plastic, or staples, but easy to open, light to ship, and the list goes on and on.   We knew we [...]

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Craft: Wildflower Jar

An ideal gift for the flower enthusiast, gardener, new neighbor, or old friend - perhaps just to say "Thinking of You" or "Thank You."The Original reCAP® Mason Jars pour cap makes an excellent seed mixer and dispenser or perhaps as a water bottle on those sunny planting days! Here are a few ideas on how [...]

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Craft: Mason Jar Egg Toss

Simply arrange Mason jars in any shape (triangle, circle, square) and give each child 5 different colored eggs. Assign a point value to each color.  Mark a 'throwing spot' on the floor (about 6-8 feet away), and take turns tossing the plastic eggs into the jars. After 3 to 5 rounds, tally up the point [...]

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Craft: Clothespin Jar Game

With all of the technology in kid's lives today, it's amazing how much they enjoy this simple, easy to do, and fun to play game using just a Mason jar and clothespins. Perfect for birthday parties and rainy days, set up is easy and any age can play (adults, too!). It's not as [...]

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