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Convenient Coffee Storage with reCAP Mason Jars

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In need of some caffienation inspiration? Learn How to use reCAP Mason jar lids for all your coffee needs!

Whether you buy freshly ground coffee from your favorite cafe (Out of the Grey, anyone?!) or you just grab whatever is on sale at the grocery store, I think we can all agree that coffee makes the world go ‘round. Mason jars capped with reCAP Mason jar lids make the perfect coffee storage solution, allowing for easy scooping and measuring. Plus, the reCAP's seal keeps your coffee nice and fresh.

I use the FLIPs for my beans and coffee grounds since the 2” opening makes it easy to scoop out your measurement. The POURs work well for all your coffee additions like sugar or homemade coffee creamer. Taking some iced coffee to go? Put a POUR cap on your Mason jar for easy sipping and transportation.

DIY Coffee Creamer: Just add a reCAP POUR for easy pouring and storing! Photo courtesy of

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TIP: When properly stored, coffee beans will stay good for about a month after roasting. Ground coffee will last for one to two weeks after roasting. The key is to keep the coffee away from the four agents of deterioration: excessive air, moisture, heat, and light.

Check out our POUR and FLIP for your coffee needs!

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