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Happy Halloween from reCAP Mason Jars

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A little glue, a few cut-outs, and reCAP products create a winning combination of fun and whimsy to get the party started! We transformed Mason jars and reCAP (FLIPs) into popular characters - perfect for parties! This kid-friendly craft is ideal to:

- Give as a party favor or gift

- Serve food and drinks

- Share snacks not germs!

reCAP is available in a number of vibrant colors to create a special and unique party experience! From cookie-gobbling monsters to big-eyed red fuzzy friends, we hope to inspire your next celebration! #WhatWillYouReCAP?

Plus, now through November 15th, 2017 reCAP FLIPs in select colors are only $4.99!

Save $2 per cap.

Trick-or-SWEET Candy Jars

Little goblins, witches, and ghouls will shriek with delight discovering the treats inside this jar.  Makes an excellent Halloween gift for kids, teachers, and friends.  Simply fill a Regular mouth Mason jar (any size) with the recipient's favorite candies.  I added Halloween erasers and ink stamps and topped it with a Glow-in-the-Dark reCAP Flip.  Once the [...]

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Limited Edition: reCAP GLOWS!

Right in time for the autumn season, reCAP now Glows-in-the-Dark!  Available in POUR and FLIP while supplies last!The caps are reusable, multi-purpose, BPA-free, and made with FDA-approved durable plastic. They are Made 100% in Eeeerie, Pennsylvania, USA.Many of our fans and customers use reCAP for on-the-go snacks & drinks, and as a way to store [...]

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Recipe: Candy Corn Cupcakes

Yum We love this delicious and fun Candy Corn Cupcake recipe from - but the real 'trick' was to use a Mason jar + reCAP to pour without a ladle, spoon, or mess!   Using two different colors of batter was made even easier with our reCAP'd jar, and we discovered yet another use for our latest [...]

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Craft: reCAP Trick-or-Treats

Make your Halloween festive and fun with The Original reCAP Mason Jars!There's no 'trick' to this Halloween treat!  Decorate a Mason jar with seasonal decals or stickers.  Fill with your favorite bite sized treat (like candy corn), and cap with a hauntingly beautiful reCAP Black pour cap!An excellent way to serve up party treats ('share [...]

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