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Ditch the brown bag, same old sandwiches, and messy plastic containers. Our reCAP lunch kit provides all the tools needed to make healthy Mason jar lunches! 

'Healthy' does not have to be hard. From salads, to smoothies, to homemade trail mixes, there are many easy options you can make in bulk and take to lunch for the week. I personally love the reCAP solution because I already have many wide and regular mouth Mason jars on hand, plus a stock of reCAP lids. Now that I've purchased the reCAP PacknGo, I have a safe and sturdy lunch bag to take everything to work with me. My two favorite features of the PacknGo are the padded dividers (to keep my jars from clanking around!) and the fact that you can decorate the bag itself.

My method is simple: I make about 4 lunches at the start of the week. Salads work well, as long as you layer them correctly. (Meat, rice, and heavier items on the bottom, cheeses and veggies in the middle, lettuce on top to prevent sogginess)

I'll make 4 salads in the medium-sized jars to store in the refrigerator. The smallest jar with the FLIP works well for finger foods like trail mixes that you can shake into your hand. The FLIP also works well for foods you spoon out like homemade dips or applesauce. The only item I'll make fresh daily is a smoothie which I love using with the reCAP POUR and the large Mason jar.

Give meal prepping a try for a week! Here are some resources to get you started:

See our "Best Mason Jar Hack" for a convenient dip, dressing, nut butter, or trail mix storage idea.

Check out our "Perfect Smoothie Ratio" post for smoothie tips.

View 18 Mason Jar Salad Recipes from our friends at Buzzfeed for inspiration.

Ready to start meal prepping with the PacknGo? Check out our kit which includes:

*A sturdy, insulated linen lunch bag

*A set of 3 glass Mason jars (small, medium, and large)

*The reCAP POUR and FLIP lids

Or, if you already have enough caps, just purchase the Lunch box only using the dropdown menu on the product page.

Happy Meal-Prepping!


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