Mason Jar Whipped Cream Hack with reCAP

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How to use a Mason jar and reCAP FLIP lid to make DIY whipped cream

This Mason jar whipped cream hack is super easy and requires just a few ingredients. What we love about using the reCAP FLIP is that you can easily serve your whipped cream right away, or store and refrigerate for later!

As you can see from the video, we guesstimated our ingredient ratios (there's really no wrong way to whip cream!) but we've included the recipe below. We also used a wire mixing ball to make shaking it up easier. 


1 cup heavy cream

1-2 Tbsp sugar.

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 clean 1-pint Mason jar with lid

1 reCAP FLIP lid

Optional: wire mixing ball

Ready to DIY?

Flip, store, and more with the reCAP FLIP:


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