Kisses in a Mason Jar

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Kisses in a Mason Jar   Featuring reCAP™ FLIP

Looking for a last minute gift for your special someone? Make your loved one smile with a thoughtful DIY Mason jar creation! This week’s gift idea is creative, budget friendly, and can be created in half an hour, tops. All you need is a bag of Hershey kisses, a Mason jar, some stickers, jar decorations, and one of our FLIP or POUR Mason jar lids. Simply affix a sticker to the bottom of each Hershey kiss and add the kisses to the jar. Cap it off with your reCAP Mason jar lid and add some holiday pizzazz with ribbons and holly!

We’ve provided some free printable stickers for the bottom of the kisses here, and each sticker has a thoughtful note or activity idea. For fast and easy application, I printed out my stickers on adhesive paper.

Don’t forget: After the kisses are eaten, the jar and lid can be repurposed as a salad dressing container, an on-the-go smoothie container, a craft jar, pantry storage, and more!

Have a great holiday!



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