Fall Fig and Cinnamon Smoothie with reCAP Mason Jar lids

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Excerpt from The Inspired Home


As much as I adore summer, autumn gets me all sorts of excited. The chill in the air. The flipped calendar full of holidays. The final bushels of abundant produce. The comfort food. The warm wool sweaters. The cozy couches full of favorite friends, stopping by for fall gatherings.

And the fresh figs.

These pretty gems start to show up in grocery stores (and if you’re lucky enough, on trees in your backyard) in August. And stay for just a short while. So if you find them, snap them up and tote them home. You’ll find a variety of dark and light options, there are 6 common figs that tend to find their way into grocery stores. Most common in my area are Black Mission, Brown Turkey and Sierra. And while each of the varieties vary slightly in flavor, they are all nicely matched to a few basic flavor pairings, and all work nicely in this creamy fig and cinnamon smoothie recipe below.

Try This Simple Sipper

And here's one more fresh fig recipe favorite: a creamy fall smoothie, made with almond butter, maple syrup, autumn spices and figs, of course. Tie on an apron and it's time to blend up the flavors of fall.

The secret to this deliciously dairy-free smoothie is to create your own coconut milk ice cubes. Once ready, they're popped into the blender and pureed into a beautifully creamy concoction. The final flavor is a light, sweet blend of the best autumn flavors. An almost ice-cream-like smoothie, but made without refined sugar, and without dairy. So you can enjoy this "ice cream" dream for breakfast.

For extra handy serving, pour your smoothie into a mason jar and top with this awesome ReCap Pour Lids, which turn this classic glassware into an easy-tote drinking glass, complete with sealable sip-and-pour spout. Such a great way to enjoy this smoothie recipe on the go.

Get the full recipe at:

The Inspired Home Fig Smoothie Recipe

Or, get a 10 pack of reCAP POUR lids for all of your smoothie needs for only $54.99 PLUS free shipping!


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